Thursday, June 5, 2008

RE : Anata Nashi De Wa Ikite Yukenai

ChrNo : i come with the mix of Anata Nashi De Wa ikite Yukenai, by mix i mean i just put the instrumental of the song with what i sung last time...i thought it would be fun to hear it with the music, because i really love the end it sounded awefull XD but it's ok i had fun ...i wish i could sing better T_____T

the first part is ok i think, and then it's completly messy (not the football player right...) aaah...

h2o : it's great ChrNo ! don't lose your confidence ! keep working ;)

Julian : lol Lionel Messi... yeah i think it's great too, the mix is not that bad ! at the end it's true that it it's kinda weird, we can hear you don't follow the music since you went freestyle, but freestyle is great too !

Victor : more freestyle yeah he he he

Jen : "but i can't live without you baby !"

Hydroxide : i don't think it's too bad, as long as you had fun ! by the way you could also mix our karaoke song right ? ha ha ha let's see if we sounded good or bad after all !

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Funky night

ChrNo : yeah ! it was fun to sing with you guys ! let's do that another day again !

woooo tomorrow it's going to be Miyabi's first solo event ! i'm so excited ! i'm sure it's going to be great :3

h2o : well i hope i didn't kill the fun ChrNo hehe

aaaa weird i can't go on jpm...oh well it's ok maybe i should go somewhere else...

Julian : sorry if i sounded crappy ><

Hydroxide : Don't worry about that Julian :p

Victor : next time let's do it with VoiceChanger he he he

Jen : what a nice idea...i don't like my voice :D
oh, and Miya's event :p (in japan time !)
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