Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick Tic Tac To Treat

Okay so this time i was in Ruch Hour lol and felt too laaaaaaaaazy to complete the always anyway hahaha....

posted that in Miya's thread, but actually it's Buono! ;p

Had that idea since the day i had a snowwhite witch card XD

Hum~ i wouldn't mind eating your momobum in taiwan ni Miya~ah

Monday, October 4, 2010


Friday huh... i had this idea when i was drawing the Chisato Okai one per day dedicated to WonderBoy because he was so feeling down...
Friday also means the stupid ass paparazzi which crashed down Aibon's life under UFA. But actually i think she is better now and i hope she will be happy finding her own way.
Friday is also probably the 2nd best day of a week, because at the end you get free time ! so it's FreeDay !

Basically in France there is a internet provider commercial that goes with "he has free, he got it all" aka "Il a Free, il a tout compris !"
During this summer with some bunch of friends we were trying to find a catch phrase with that and here i came with "I have Free, I have Miyabi" pretty simple isn't it :p
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