Friday, April 25, 2008

The Wordsworth game

ChrNo : Really ?! cool ! i can spend my entire night talking about Miya you know ?!! but i'm afraid i might run out of words T_T because i can't explain everything i know and feel about her with the lack of vocabulary of english i know T_T

Victor : he he's need words sometimes you don't have to tell me everything with details...i can guess myself...and you would just keep doing what you were doing...don't worry too much about me he he he...

Let's play a game : you do what you want and say what you wan even scream it if you want, i will tell you what to do, i mean if i get it or not...he he he...k ?

ChrNo : ok ! here i come !

i feel like kissing her everyday ! but i don't love her only because she looks so beautiful ! also because she is so good !!! her voice sounds so nice ! cute ! cool !


able-to-express-my-love-for-miya-in-there-and i will be despressed...


There is always a but ! she doesn't sound everytime the same ! she is wonderful !



see...i ran out of words...i was too exited t_____t now i feel stupid...duh i'm going to sleep too...hoping i will see her again tonight in my dreams ! Goodnight Victor !

Victor : he he he...goodnight...and i told you not to worry about my night...i guess you got the game...or not... he he he...alright, it feels so lonely suddendly...i'm going to my bed 2...

Sunday, April 20, 2008


ChrNo : awww everyone is leaving and i have so many things to talk about Miya !!! ;_________;

Victor : he he he...seems like there are only you and me now. Don't worry you can tell me everything you want to...or everything you want to do to me ^^

Who is Chi ?

ChrNo : Aww goodnight Jen !
i'll wait for Mii-san's explanation then, by the way, here is my profile (copy pasted from jphip)

Name/AKA: ChrNo, Chi
Age: 19
Birthdate: July 1987
Location: Paris
Gender: 3rd
Bloodtype: I don't know
Favorite Morning Musume Member: ...Eri
Favorite Generation: i don't know...but i'll say 4th
Favorite Hello! Project Member: err....
Favorite Graduated Hello! Project or Morning Musume Member: She didn't graduate but Mari Yaguchi
Favorite Hello! Project Group/Subgroup[ please specify generation]: Berryz Koubou
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Song [ONE ONLY]: I admire you guys who can chose one...
Absolute Favorite Morning Musume Song [ONE ONLY]: Same here...but 'ill say Shabondama
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Album [ONE ONLY]: ?
Turn-Ons: err... tama-sama :p
Turn-Offs: brother...
When I Drop My Pants, I am wearing someting i don't know how it's called ...
Favorite Music Genre: everything that doesn't kill my ears
Favorite TV Show/Movie: i don't have any...
Favorite Entertainer (singer, actor, comedian, pornstar, athlete, idol, etc.): Berryz Koubou at the moment
Favorite Geek Item: My tablet
Absolute Favorite Color: Blue
Absolute Favorite Food: i admire you guys who can chose one

@h2o : i hope you are alone in your room if you don't want anyone to see it lol As for me i don't mind showing what i do and what i watch at home so everyone know I LOVE MIYABI !!! hahaha

there are a lot more video of buono! and about Miyabi too, because it's not the only group featuring Miya ! Actually it's going to be long to explain but she is part of a really big japanese pop music group check out the forum to have more informations if you guys want, you will see my posts and all and there are a thread for each girl ! really well made forum i really like !

Victor : he he he...don't worry, h2o lives in a closet ;) 3rd gender ? interesting...

h2o : WHAT CLOSET LOL ! ok...i admit i'm a closet fan because i don't want people around me know i like the h!pworld and Mari, they are going to find me weird...T_T but i mention her everytime someone at school asks me who is the girl in my diary cause i put some pics of her in it so actually people know she is an idol but they don't want to know more anyway...Aright i'm going to bed too and thanks for the links ChrNo ! Night !

Julian : Night h2o ! And what do you mean by closet fan ? i looked at it in dictionary and it sounds a bit weird lol there is a lot of meaning for closet..oh ! i remember Eminem's song "i'm cleaning out my closet" @_@ i feel so stupid now xD i feel completly out of place rofl...i guess i should go to bed least i know where it is XD goodnight !

Thursday, April 17, 2008

RE : Kokoro no tamago

ChrNo : you hate Victor ? O_o why lol

@Julian : IT'S MIYABI AND SHE IS NOT THE OLDEST (and does not have a long face T_________T)
actually she is the middle one in age, the youngest is Airi, it's the one with white shirt, the older is Momoko, the tiny one. and since we are in confession time : I LOVE MIYABI !!!
the others are cute but Miya is wonderful he he
the part where they play guitar in the air i love it too, in their first performence on dohhhuup it was almost only focus on Miyabi hu hu

h2o : When she screamed Bakayarou i laught so hard 'cause i thought she was refering to me who looked so stupid in front of them xD i just hope no one can see my stupid face right now lol btw the part you guys are talking about it's called "Air guitar" ;)

Julian : So Miyabi is not only middle of the covers for no reason. Air Guitar huh interesting...but they kinda look dumb xD i wonder why they didn't give them real guitar ? or maybe they might just look even more dumb because they don't know how to play hahaha oh at least i know their name now, and it's going to be easy to say who is who but i don't know if i will be able to place the name XD i think i even have a problem remembering them aaaah...

Victor : he he he...don't worry Jen i love you too.

Jen : ChrNo i think Mii will explain it later since Mii is alseep right now, and i really don't want to talk about it myself lol i think you don't want to know it...duh i'm going to sleep too, i really don't want to read another comment from Victor. Night everyone.

Kokoro no tamago

ChrNo : hey guys check out the c/w too ! the song and the lyrics are so cool ! bery wonderful haha
Victor : he he he...kitto...hop...step...JUMP ! Syrop whiped...cream...yummy ! i like it
h2o : kokoro no tamago ? heart's egg ? woo lyrics sound intersting !
Julian : i like the group, the girls are really really cute ! i watched the single video on youtube, it was kinda weird at first xD
espacially the part where they look like playing guitar lol and when the tiny one screamd BAKAYAROOOOOOOO hahaha i fell down from my chair

She looks so weird and cute and pricelessly stupid that i like her lol but i like the others too, the one with an akward outfit is very cute. The one with pink shirt is beautiful, she looks older than the others, she must be the oldest right ? (and she has a kinda long face haha)

Jen : i liked the song, kokoro no tamago, untill i read Victor's post and i must say : DAMN IT I HATE YOU!!! DUH...XD...;_;

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RE : Honto no jibun

ChrNo : YEAH ! i wanted that ! goodnight Mii !
Victor : he he he...time to go to bed huh good night guys...
h2o : wow so long again haha but so right too XD and intersting, night Mii, i'll check the forum
Julian : i didn't know what i might say would be explained lol. Goodnight.
Jen : Thank You Mii, goodnight. Duh Victor ...i think i'm going to stop reading you...

RE : Honto no jibun

Mmh thank you Jen, You make me feel so smart tonight haha

alright, let's see what we have here :

ChrNo pasted the links for a forum and the lyrics of the song I mentioned, because ChrNo is into Buono! and like to talk about it.
That also show me ChrNo understood what I explained in my previous post. ChrNo pasted the links because ChrNo realised that everyone here might not have checked themself, ChrNo saw I didn't past any link, and wanted everyone to read the lyrics.

But, ChrNo didn't past the lyrics, just a link to it, and didn't past a link to download the song, it was obvious for ChrNo that the other would check.

About the link of the forum, isn't obvious an entire forum can not be posted here, even if ChrNo did, I would have deleted it...So , who knows if I didn't ?

Victor might be refering to what ChrNo said but also to the word "ChrNo" (such as chrono)

h2o just discovered something new and is filled with enthusiasm. h2o knows the world of jpop, since h2o is in

Julian went to look at the blog or lyrics because Julian's comment was on the pictures, which you can see on the lyrics page, or in the blog. Who knows if Julian has checked the jphip forum.

Jen is saying that Victor sounds wrong because Jen can see some other part of what Victor said, if you know what i mean...that mean you got it.

Moreover, by writting just "tell why", it wasn't only refering to what Jen said Jenself, but might expect me that i would write something about the others too (which i did as you can see)

this last sentence means : i read your answers and i know you understood mine. But there are still hiden things you don't see yet. just like Jen :
Jen showed me Jen can see what is hiden behind Victor's post, but might not notice Jen's post has a hiden meaning too -> using "that" it might refering to what Victor or the others said just above, or refering to everything mentioned till the begining.

What i wanted to show here, it's of course another example of what i wrote before but also that everyone want to get to know eachother more.

How can I tell you that ?

Again, i can explain everything I just wrote myself...later :p since it's 00:26 i'm going to sleep. Good night every one.

Honto no jibun

ChrNo : Oh, by the way, here are the blog of buono! and the lyrics of the song Honto no jibum...jibun XD...duh...also the forum i go to,

Victor : he he he, ChrNo, just a typo ? i don't think so :p
h2o : cool ! i didn't know about that group ! thanks !
Julian : the girls look nice
Jen : thanks, i'll check that later. No seriously, Victor you sound wrong everytime XD i'm sure Mii can tell You why XD

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RE : Honto no jibum

ChrNo : XD damn it's like a post i would do XD
Victor : he he he, who knows what Chi can other do...
Julian : now that was long but is fun lol at least i get it now XD
h2o : indeed quite long lol
Jen : As expected lol but jeez Victor what are you talking about...

RE : Honto no jibum

Honto no jibum is a a pun made my ChrNo once. Only people who are on the chat jph!p chatroom would have seen it. Actually, only people in the chat that care about the hello!project kids would have noticed. Victor knows ChrNo from the chat, and the jibum part.

Honto no jibun is a Japanese singers group : BUONO!'s song, first single.
"bum", well, i let you guys find out what it mean.

ChrNo love that pun because ChrNo was always called "you bum" first mentioned by LittleBoy, when ChrNo would say something silly chatting with Safe, wait no it's Seifuu..err...oh well find the kanji yourself lol

Victor kwows the pun because Victor is in the chatroom and saw ChrNo made what was tought as a simple typo.

h2o knows it was japanese because h2o is in jpopmusic forum and knows some romaji.

Julian knows h2o but have absolutly no idea of what is written, Julian just didn't notice Julian leart something and didn't know it yet.

Jen knows there is a meaning somewhere in the title because of the informations we got just here by the others but don't know what yet. So Jen is expecting some explanation from Mii because she knows Mii is the kinda persone that would think about something interesting for someone that doesn't know everthing about Mii right now and would just see it as a simple title for a random blog.

what i wanted to show here is that something might be obvious for one might not be obvious for others.

Like you might not see right now, that there will be a lot of things that can be explain later on just everything i've written myself.
It's obvious, because i know it, might not be obvious for you, well i just hope know that you understand why i can tell you, what i just said.

If you don't understand , tell me, ask me, make a joke, just any sign that shows me what you might think about it, because i might just think the same.

But it will be discussed later.

those latest sentences means :

"Write your opinion please"
"Laisser un commentaire au passage merci !"

Again, everything written above or what i'm writting right now, of what i'm goin to write later, will be writter...later :p


Honto No Jibum

Honto no jibum ...what ?

ChrNo : Hahahaha nice title and nice question XD
Victor : he he he i see what you mean Chi...
h2o : nice title ? why ? Must be japanese but i can't find "jibum" O_o
Julian : i don't get it neither, h2o, i didn't even konw it was japanese XD for me it makes no sens at all...i thought it was just random lol
Jen : Knowing Mii, it can't be random. Let's just wait for Mii's explenation.
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