Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Xmas !

just a bit early :p

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcom autumn~

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Miya's solo event

Natsuyaki Miyabi Solo Day 9.18.08

Opening BG song : Berryz Koubou Koushinkyoku
Costume : Solo Tshirt + Skinny jeans, short boots

1. Koi no Jubaku
2. Ki ga Tsukeba Anata
3. Natsu Remember You

I want a recording !!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Miya's Eyes

ChrNo : I love her eyes, and sometimes you can see what she looks at, she is so beautiful...

h2o : Miyabi chan is indeed really beautiful, but i prefer Mari haha

Julian : i love her eyes too !

Hydroxide : she is looking at YOU :p

Victor : he he he he

Jen : another great drawing, i like how it's empty except her eyes

Sunday, September 7, 2008


ChrNo : this is the Buono! sign ^^

h2o : cute !

Julian : really cute *_*

Hydroxide : nice one ^^

Victor : yummy he he he he

Jen : i'm waiting for the other two members too :p

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Suki ! C'est qui ? Daisuki ! -> Buono !

ChrNo : that title was the best i've ever found...too bad it was deleted from the forum ;_;

h2o : it sounds cute but why was it deleted ?

Julian : awww that's sad. what does the title mean ?

Hydroxide : i guess it's a pun again ?

Victor : Suki Sugite Baka Mitai...he he he he...

Jen : Yeah, it was a little pun with japanese "suki" and french "c'est qui" which sound almost the same. "suki" means like, and "c'est qui" means who is it. ChrNo drew a painting with the groupe Buono! without their face so ChrNo could play with "c'est qui ?". Buono! is one of those H!P subgroup with Miyabi Airi and Momoko. There was this magazine back at the time of their single Renai Rider, the title was "Suki suki Daisuki ! Buono!". As they explain it themself, "buono" means good, tasty in italian. The mod in the jphip forum removed it so it can be like other thread, just the official buono thread and not some crazy title like the Captain one "She is tiny and fits in your pocket" or something like that. it was cute ^^

ChrNo : Buono!Man !

h2o : the drawing is cute !

Julian : but why is there a duck there ?

Hydroxide : it's a not a duck but the Kappa hahahaha i guess it represents Airi chan who is looking for the Kappa

Victor : cute he he he he...

Jen : oh and momo in a peach form xD

Cherry Stick

ChrNo : how about some cherry haha

h2o : wooo nice !

Julian : who is that again ? XD

Hydroxide : right...i guess it's suppose to be Miyabi chan

Victor : he he he he....

Jen : yeah it's Miyabi chan...manga-ish maybe ^^;

Friday, September 5, 2008


ChrNo: here is the peach ! i love peach how about you guys

h2o : well if you are talking about the fruit i like it too ^^

Julian : yeah i like the fruit too

Hydroxide : i read a manga, Peach Girl, the main character's name was Momo, which means peach haha

Victor : Momo he he he he...

Jen : Tsugunaga Momoko chan !

Thursday, September 4, 2008


ChrNo : today i'll post a Captain !

h2o: a captain ? what captain ?

Julian : captain from captain tsubasa ? haha

Hydroxide : don't forget ChrNo is a H!p fan, so must be related to H!p world

Victor : Saki-chan he he he he...

Jen : right Captain Shimizu !

Monday, September 1, 2008

My umbrella...

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now it's raining more than ever
But we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella
You can stand under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella ella eh eh eh)
Under my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh)

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Miyabi !

Yeah ! Today (well yesturday now in Japan) is Miyabi's birthday ! let's celebrate !

here is a part of the latest Miyabi drawing i made, the full one is on jphip ! go check if you want. I think i'll post more drawing here from now on to keep my blog living hehe (^^)"

h2o : wooaaa really nice !!! and i saw the jphip one too ! Queen Miyabi ! good job ChrNo ! and Happy Birthday to you Miyabi-chan !

Hydroxide : well done ! it's just so like her ! Happy Bday Miyabi !

Julian : i don't know what to say O_O

Victor : he he he...

Jen : awesome ! keep it up ChrNo i want to see more drawings ! and Happy birthday Miya :3

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th anniversary

YES BERRY 4th !!!


4th what ? ...ER ?

before 4th it's not 4th yet
At 4th, it's 4th, but not 4th anymore
AftEr 4th, well it's after but

when i think about 4th, i think about what means 4th.....

* ChrNo thinks

I WANNAEATWITHMIYABI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


dut!!! i can still go back to Miyabi is


and so hummmmm~ gags

* ChrNo dies

Thursday, June 5, 2008

RE : Anata Nashi De Wa Ikite Yukenai

ChrNo : i come with the mix of Anata Nashi De Wa ikite Yukenai, by mix i mean i just put the instrumental of the song with what i sung last time...i thought it would be fun to hear it with the music, because i really love the end it sounded awefull XD but it's ok i had fun ...i wish i could sing better T_____T

the first part is ok i think, and then it's completly messy (not the football player right...) aaah...

h2o : it's great ChrNo ! don't lose your confidence ! keep working ;)

Julian : lol Lionel Messi... yeah i think it's great too, the mix is not that bad ! at the end it's true that it it's kinda weird, we can hear you don't follow the music since you went freestyle, but freestyle is great too !

Victor : more freestyle yeah he he he

Jen : "but i can't live without you baby !"

Hydroxide : i don't think it's too bad, as long as you had fun ! by the way you could also mix our karaoke song right ? ha ha ha let's see if we sounded good or bad after all !

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Funky night

ChrNo : yeah ! it was fun to sing with you guys ! let's do that another day again !

woooo tomorrow it's going to be Miyabi's first solo event ! i'm so excited ! i'm sure it's going to be great :3

h2o : well i hope i didn't kill the fun ChrNo hehe

aaaa weird i can't go on jpm...oh well it's ok maybe i should go somewhere else...

Julian : sorry if i sounded crappy ><

Hydroxide : Don't worry about that Julian :p

Victor : next time let's do it with VoiceChanger he he he

Jen : what a nice idea...i don't like my voice :D
oh, and Miya's event :p (in japan time !)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Natsuyaki Miyabi San

San ah San :

Lei ho ma ?

Ho low, may tron lei king go quy ...ho chi...ho yek, dow chi, lei hum vous low ho. oh :

_ Ho low, may trop lei king go guy chai,
_ Ho low, may pei les trai
_ Ho low, may pei les train
_ Ho low, may pei les mem pas oh ho hey pim go.
_ Ho low, ho, mais voi yune oh hey pim guai go.
_ Ho low, may dim sec guy dim guy ho hum chi doh oh hey pim guy go ko chi.


_ so yi, oh ho chi two, les hum vous law ho.
_mai pas oh hoho comme mat mais ha ?



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kara ok ?

h2o : nice cover ChrNo ! and your lyrics are funny XD

Julian : i just looked at the lyrics on the project-hello site, it's not the same, you write them yourself ? wait i'm lost...again xD...

Jen : ChrNo must have composed it herself i guess ?

Victor : nice Chi...i might Ng you too hahahaha

Hydroxide : this is funny it's like there are 2 different voices

ChrNo : Thanks ! it was the first time i record myself singing like that, all with the flow fuu~ i felt so great after and i was surprised myself when i listened to it, i didn't know what i sung would mean something else than what i was reading...i can't really explain it Jen, but i just wrote what i heard

Jen : you were singing with all your heart we can hear it

h2o : hey guyz what about a coeur-ok ? :p

Hydroxide : well h2, we might need some chrono then :p

ChrNo : a karaoke ? yeah that's a great idea !

Julian : i don't know how to sing xD

ChrNo : it's ok it's just for the fun ! let's choose a song and since we are on honto no jibum, why not a buono! song ?

h2o : well ok but i don't know all of their songs haha

Victor : hum~ buono!...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anata Nashi De Wa Ikite Yukenai

ChrNo : Hey guyz how about a cover of my fav song from Berryz ? :p

Anata Nashi De Wa Ikite Yukenai


??????? ??? ???
???? ??? ???? ??
???? cake ??? no?


that time i ???
God ?? ???
happy and ??

uh uh
what a night one shit ??
kiss shit cry ??
what a night
?? ?? ?? ????
???? lucky ? ? ???
can i shit ?? ???

But i can't live without you baby !

i don't care if it's stop by mama or me
i know you have a heart
it's the sign of love
what can i do
i will be with you

uh forever

uh ah
i don't care if i get a sign
or if you are listning
we already did it

youth is there
if you don't see it, i'll *bip* you
and then what ? ha hahaha
we will be hurt forever

what a night
surely like animal
funky night
look that's love !
what a night
even if it was scary at first

hey it's ok this sign is luck
i forgot to tell you
how sexy you were
luck i tell you !

han ! but i can't live without you baby !

i don't care if other guys want you, stop by me
this is destiny
i can't live without you yeah
what does it mean ?
i want you everyday

then you and me forever

i don't care if all this will be stop by me
my heart has been hurt already
i will know what to do when i see the sign of love
i want to be with you


i don't care if you have hug other guys before, stop by me
my heart knows it's our destiny
he he he and i can't live without you, you know ?
and god knows that i can...he he he everyday
i want to be with you


When Timo is up-right

----- Our chat on Wed, 1/16/08 5:54 AM -----

Timo Styles (5:23 AM): i have something to show u
Timo Styles (5:24 AM): will u look
Julian (5:24 AM): hummm
Julian (5:24 AM): gags?
Timo Styles (5:24 AM):
Timo Styles (5:24 AM): 100 gags?
Timo Styles (5:24 AM): no
Julian (5:24 AM): so show it dont ask -_-
Timo Styles (5:25 AM):
Julian (5:25 AM): berryecute?
Julian (5:25 AM): wat ?
Timo Styles (5:25 AM): just click it
Julian (5:25 AM): hum
Timo Styles (5:26 AM):
Timo Styles (5:27 AM): you wanted to talk about miya
Timo Styles (5:27 AM): i miss talkin about her
Timo Styles (5:29 AM): nobody else cares about her
Julian (5:29 AM): huh?
Julian (5:29 AM): wat r ya taking bat ? @_@
Timo Styles (5:29 AM): hummm?
Timo Styles (5:29 AM): i dont know?
Julian (5:30 AM): then how cow u i no w xD
Timo Styles (5:30 AM): im not a cow ~.~
Timo Styles (5:31 AM): are u a cow?
Julian (5:31 AM): nat ?
Timo Styles (5:31 AM): nat...
Timo Styles (5:31 AM): natsu
Julian (5:31 AM): chu !
Timo Styles (5:32 AM): natsuyaki
Timo Styles (5:32 AM): miyabi
Timo Styles (5:32 AM): okinawaa
Julian (5:32 AM): it's like a date !
Timo Styles (5:33 AM): ya but i could never go
Julian (5:33 AM): where ?Oo
Timo Styles (5:34 AM): too bad u have no avatar here
Julian (5:35 AM): huh??????
Timo Styles (5:36 AM): humm??
Julian (5:36 AM): hummm yummy
Julian (5:36 AM): /me dies
Timo Styles (5:37 AM): your avatar is yummy but i cant see it here ._.
Timo Styles (5:37 AM): since this is yahoo!
Timo Styles (5:38 AM): o well
Timo Styles (5:38 AM): i'll have to pretend its there
Julian (5:38 AM): huh?
Timo Styles (5:39 AM): huh?
Julian (5:40 AM): huh.
Julian (5:40 AM): okkkkk...
Timo Styles (5:40 AM): hummm
Julian (5:41 AM): ?
Timo Styles (5:41 AM): Parlez-vous français?
Julian (5:43 AM): -_-
Timo Styles (5:44 AM): non?
Julian (5:45 AM): neeeee remember da ne -_- otomodachi dayou -_- duh
Julian (5:45 AM): jibum -_-
Timo Styles (5:45 AM): dare no jibum
Julian (5:45 AM): honto no jibum
Timo Styles (5:46 AM): oh
Julian (5:46 AM): oh ?
Timo Styles (5:47 AM): i remember honto no jibum but otomodachi? XD
Julian (5:47 AM): duh
Julian (5:47 AM): T_T
Timo Styles (5:47 AM): duh xD
Timo Styles (5:47 AM): everything is duh xD
Timo Styles (5:49 AM): nee nee
Timo Styles (5:49 AM): doko made itta no
Julian (5:50 AM): ya no?
Timo Styles (5:51 AM): ya nen
Julian (5:51 AM): hum mmmm doko made iku nooooo
Timo Styles (5:51 AM): i dont hear it very often now
Timo Styles (5:51 AM): lol
Julian (5:52 AM): iku da no ?Oo
Timo Styles (5:52 AM): u cant put a question after da lol
Julian (5:52 AM): ?????
Timo Styles (5:53 AM): da no = no
Timo Styles (5:53 AM): duh
Julian (5:54 AM): jeez like i don't know -_- stop your serious talking already i wan to talk about Miya here -_- hud
Timo Styles (5:54 AM): hahahah

2 b 3

the more i talk to you the more i get hurt. i thought i could handle it. but i was wrong...

you would always say you are despressed
i would always ask how i can cheer you up
you weel reply promise me you won't stop talking to you

you want to be back like before
yet you can't trust me again

because you are afraid you lose me

because matth is afraid to lose me

both of you just think, one side lost.

you say you are the only one who might losing something here
matth says, he is the only one who might lose his girlfriend.

you guys, aren't confident in yourself enough to trust what i say
i know, i made so many mistakes.
that's why i can say i can't make promises. because i have learnt from the past. that everything i promise. i just don't think about the future. i don't think about what can happen.

i told you everythings "depend" on somthing. so i can't predict the future.

you both think. it's just so simple. i just have to answer yes or no.
just this answer depends on who i talk to.

yes can mean "i stop talking to brian" for matth
yes can mean "i won't stop talking to you" for you

everything just depend on something.

you only think that you are the only one who is depressed. i know i can't blame you. i have hurt you so much. i broke you heart, and i give you doubts for the future.

you said i was afraid of pain, but that line just fits you right now. you are afraid to lose me. because it is going to bring you pain.

all i want to say, is that i'm a really really difficult state of mind. i might just lose control anytime. i told you i am weak. everything i do or say , is just to pretend im not right now. trying to not make you worry.

but you just don't stop saying how it is painful for you, because you can't confess.

so you both are pushing me
it's hard
for me

because you both, just put every single responsabilty on me.

i know i deserve it.

you both say, i'll let you think about it so think about it seriously.

like i'm not taking that seriously enough.

yet, you both wanted the answer tonight.

you might lose me. that is thinking about yourself.
matth said he might lose me. that is thinking about himself.

now what about me. i have to think about me. right but, you two gave me the responsabilty to think for 3.
by my only decision. i will change 3 lives.

it is just too hard for me to handle it.
at least. for tonight

Monday, May 19, 2008


stomp the bug !


So here we go now
pop pop shi pop
i pop i pop pops shi pop
shi pops i pepsi shi pepsi pop shi pop
re pop re pops shirenu pops pop shi pops
soda pop pops and pops
yeah shirenu pops !

feels so good to be at home
Homer Simpson ? Mais non jibum
What ? Honto no jibum da yo !
You wanna play with me ?
Sai lei ko min sin
ng how tron gno kan faiva
Your faverite song is already playing !
so don't ask me "Quand-est ce qu'on va jouer ?"
"arrete de faire chier les autres ok ?"
otomodachiiii !!! Let's pop it like shirenu does oh !


if I know you then i'm not you
if i'm not you then i know it
if i know it then i know what i know
if i know what i know then i don't know what i don't know
if i don't know what i don't know then i know i don't know everything
if i know i don't know everything then i know what i know and what i don't know

now, i can't know what i don't know at the moment i write this line until i write the dot.
now, i know the dot because i'm not blind and i saw it
now, i know that you aren't blind too because you are reading this line
now, i know i'm not alone because you are reading this line

so i know you and aedon know the future


ChrNo : i like aedon, she has a funny nickname :D she said Ayumi Hamasaki is the queen of jpop ! aedon is so kind ! she uploaded Guilty T_T it's a really great album you guys should try :D

Victor : hehehe...i like aedon too, but aedon like Ayumi Hamasaki :p

h2o : i like one song To be...she has a ducky voice xD

Julian : what do you mean a ducky voice ? XD aaaah i don't understand nothing here hahaha

Hydroxide : aedon knows i don't know her :p

Jen : haha nice Victor xD

RE : Who is Chi ?

Why ChrNo ?

As ChrNo said, the nickname is from Chrno Crusade, but it's not the only meaning.

ChrNo is a gentle demon which lives with a nun, Rosette Christopher, in New York, around 1930. Those two are more than just friends, they are connected with a "clock", more like a Life-time-machine. Thanks to that clock, Chrno can change into a powerful and dangerous demon, like Chrno used to be, to help Rosette fighting other evil demons. When this happens, Rosette's life-time decreases.

In this story, Time is the important key.

As a japanese manga, Chrno must be a Engrish word of the English word Chrono

Now about ChrNo, it can be cut into 2 words : Chr and No
so you can read two abbreviations Christian and Nott which is the name of the main character from Jen's first Manga.

Back to chrono : Trépa has made the pun once : chrono post ! referring to ChrNo's post in jphip and a french company, which is we can say it, a lame pun :p


ChrNo : @h2o : water ? Oo mean your nickname ? XD
i like my nickname too, it's from Chrno Crusade, i'm sure Mii-san can tell you more about it :p

h2o : hehe, well people like to ask me why i chose water, i always answer "because i love it, i can't live without it"

ChrNo : " i can't live without you " ! this is the title of one berryz koubou song ! it's actually their first single ! awesome and Miya owns there ! i love this song here is the link for the video

also check the special perf with Miya Risako and Captain !

oh and what about you guys' nick ?

Julian : i like Julian MacMahon from Nip/tuck, the famous Christian Troy...i guess i kinda wish i was like him lol...

Victor : Rina-the-robot gave it to me on the jphip chatroom, ChrNo was there too he he, some people wanted to call me George...Nespresso...what else ? :p i don't care about my names, i like Nick :p

Jen : i was too lazy to find one hahaha

Hydroxide : i wanted to change life so i change my name :p

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se créer, tout se transforme

btw, i edited the solo part of your little Captain dance ;)

RE : Love ?

ChrNo : I love tama-sama ! she is so kool ! and i know everyone like her :p

Julian : i love kei-chan (l)

h2o : i love water

Jen : i love ayu4eva

Hydroxide : i <3 XY 2

Victor : i love everygirl in this planet he he he he...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear Tama

Since last Saturday, everyday i discover someone i know fell for me once, or still is, and i'm starting to get paranoid

afraid that if i go out, another will confess to me and i think i wouldn't be able to handle it

but since i don't go out off my bed i will keep seeing those who love me and so i would just keep getting worring about them

and well, what meant to happen has to happen : nervous system break down for this joy mixed with pain , my brain exlpode and

my nose bled like hell i felt like just crying and laughing in the same time and tell to everyone around me that i feel so

loved and i want to share it so i went out of my room half naked screaming :


My mum just freaked out because she barely saw me this week, even if she was there all the time watching her dramas, but knows

i ididn't sleep that much and well hell i was crying laughing screaming half naked with a nose bleedin : what the fuck happend

to her and she makes no sens

i was just too happy and had eveything just right in front of me, my reason of existence and my wish came true without me

noticing : i was hoping i would make everyone i like happy, so i would feel useful, and loved, and would feel good in this

world and keep that little word, my word, as happy as i can, even if i can bring also pain in it.

no seriously,

i'm ok for love confession,


now i'm completely lost, and start to get to understand why all of them just stayed that late to be with me all saying

"well, it's fun to be with you and it can't be helpt if you are so damn cute !!! duh !! you can't stop poeple from falling

for you......"


i'm too afraid to say stupid things like before and hurt them now...


i listened to brian's advice : your friends have the right to know when you have problems you know ? i know you are kind

enough and patient enough to listen to others, but you can do it to. Because they also care for you.

well ok, but i know they have their own problems so i rather let them know when it's solve so they don't have to worry

it was mistake because they worry about me anyway duh...

i started to say my problem to the ones i know, and asked me "why can't you sleep Oo"

i would answer "because i can't think of how to start somthing to tell you because i was worried you woudl be too much

worried about me so i didn't tell it, since well, you coudln't do anything about is, so i'll tell you know in a email later if

i can finish it "

"ok now i'm REALLY worried"

duh...they can help me...advice and opinion...that's why we need a objectiv view...for me it was you, for brian it was words,

for matth ?????? job....but he doesnt have anyone to tell it to, he just doesn't express himself, too afraid to get hurt...

so i discoverd, that muten, a girl i used to love, and well as you know brian, love me....

they were too afraid to lose me because it was going to end our friendship and never told me...just like matth never told me

untill i bring that up !

"hey why are you staying so late lol you are cute but it's 11pm already Oo don't you want to go home ? don't tell me you love

me lol


"huh ?



"you do ????????



*think of something smart to say to get your ass off from the trouble you just get into yourseff stupid girl !!!

me : Are you going to puke if i say i like you too ?

*i said smart !!!!


*few at least he is not dead XXDDDD

no seriously....

i said to muten i'm too afraid to go out xD now, and will be just try to look like a boy more, and well, not getting any other

attention than the one who knows me


"duh you want a sexy pic of me ? ok, ...(wait he used to like me....) as long as you don't feel back what you used to

i'm ok jeez i'm starting to believe you have a pic of me in your wallet

"no i wont fall for a picture and i don't have one in my wallet but i used to have one in my phone....

phone...wait...we only took one picture with his phone...omg i was hugging him without noticing how he could feel OO

"damn...i'm starting to feel the pain you might have before....when we took that picture....i'm so sorry...i don't know how

you can forgive me to be so blind...

"forgive you ? it wasnt your fault..........................

so you see, now, i feel so confused, i have not stop crying for an entire week, first, because i was sad, then i was pissed ,

then really sad that they don't understand why i decide to keep both of them, then when one of them accepted, it wasn't the

one i wish would first, and then i cry for guilty, because i failed to make him happy, and then when i discovereed so many

love, i felt so happy, and yet so sad, because i never knew, how much i might have hurt them....just like muten, hugging me in

that picture...meant a lot for him...

i never noticed, i just treat him like a good friend, pal, since well, i don't think mylsef a girl but as a tomboy, and you

will know tama-sama, later, why i am this way, matth was right, i had to say to everyone, but, he wanted me to keep secrets

with him, and this was the only secret i had, and i only tell that to 2 people untill yesturday, matth and brian (i think

that's why they arent afraid to say how much they love me they felt like everyone were taking advantage of me, and wanted to

protect me) now they are 3, and next, will be you, words, because, you need to understand, why, i don't like guys, why, i dont

like to talk about sex, and all, why i stalk girls in train xD

i only notice now, how i can get so close to guys and girls, because, one friend matth and i know, from jpm, Edge, invited me

to go to the cinema, matth was just so jealous and went mad at me, then i told Edge, and he sent him an email :

"Seriously, you realy dissapointed me...i never knew you would think i would ever try to get her away from you, and get

interested in her, because she says so many good things on you, and she also her brother too, i just wanted to share our

passion for manga, jpop and drama. i wanted to meet everyone, and i invited her because i didn't know what to do with my free just don't trust us enough, jen and me, also you don't trust you enough."

Now, this, just make me realize, people just don't see me as a girl, like the others around but a nice pal, but still a

"Hey ! why don't you have a girlfriend ? you are handsome ! im sure you must be popular !
"ME ? HANDSOME ??? POPULAR ??? nooo....i'm shy...
"but you look so confident !
"i do ? no i don't think so...well...i don't like girls around me anyway, they are so selfcenterd and well, always

complained about everything bad that happens...tell me how their lovelife are shity, i can do somthing about it...i

just keep with them because i can't help it to be in their class and i want to get along so i can pass my year of school seriously i even hate my school...i feel so not in the right place...i want to finish it already to fly to

japan xD

I NEVER REALIZE IT !!!! that i just never complained X XDXD because i know they don't care
but i do complain, but not making sound like it....that's why, i always wonder if you ould get annoyed by me
because i would tell you my problms and all..........................

i liked you so much that i was afraid you might not like me T_____________T
but, when i pmed you, you would always answer...well not right in the moment, but when you have time and i really, i"m really

thanks ful for that. i just never realised how much you were there for me...

so, i started to write amail, to thank you and words, but things around kept changing every seconds and i just couldn't finish


i felt like, a yoyo xD wonder i cried that much
because there would be time things get better i will be so happy and think that the problm is solve, but then things get bad

and well the entire though just *poof* and hard to get back to reality and realy objectiv opinion...

and well, since now there are so many people involve, i just keep repeating what i feel to everyone
so when i would mention good things, i'll be happy and laughin, and when i mention bad things, i would start to cry, and thn

good thing, cry of joy and duh it's just endless

all i wanted to say i wanted to thank you and let you know that things got solved, but you might wonder then how things got

solved but to understand i have to tell you everything happen and well...nervous break down was expected

i never, understood the meaning of blood explosion until now

so, i wanted o let you know by this mail that i was going to send to the one i want them to know :

knock knock !

who is there ?


Jen who ?

Jen, jen jen jendjiskan !



Hi you two ! yes YOU, Myname and Microphone, wow i'm inspirated tonight lol

Well, it was kinda Inevitable, since i had Double trouble, that when i get things solved, i would welcome the happiness


First of all, i want to thank you two, for everything you have done for me, really, because without you guys, i wouldn't have

solved all this, and be back in a very beauty situation.

All i needed was to make the koi no jubaku going around and saying Anata Nashide was ikite yukenai to the one i felt like a

special generaton love, even if there was a koukuhaku and real situation of Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi but i just predicted a

Munasawagi Scarlet when i saw Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND, but then again see like Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? But i know

mysefl that i wasn't just a 21ji Made no Cinderella to the one i love and well since i always seem to take things not

seriously the others would just go Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai without understand i was Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! for

the next s Chu! Natsu Party and well they thought i was a Sprinter but i felt like Watashi ga Suru Koto nai Hodo Zenbu Shite

Kureru Kare so i said Sayonara Hageshiki Koi and Natsu Remember you untill i feel again Omoitattara Kichi desse! and finally

undestand the Ai no Suki Suki Shisuu Joushouchuu

Thank you

ChrNo mode EmoBoy-from-youtube : on


WARNING : this mail is long, so if you don't read all of it, it's ok xD i don't want to waste your time, i just wanted to let

you know everything is fine.

WARNING 2 : ok i give up i'll just say it another day duh it's starting to get too long and well i just can't keep wirting


i cut all the crap part to just let you know what i think about you :

i realized, what tama-sama has done so far for me. more like, what she gave me :

-Her trust.(she told me so manything about herself, i was always afraid to annoy her by questioning too much, still am )
-Her opinions.(she would tell me when she thinks, i'm slow and silly ,or anything)
-Her crazyness (i liked her right away in the chat because she was so funny )
-Her feelings (such as when she is pissed about somthing, or really happy about...yuri :p)
-Her Time (yes, she talks to me omg im so happy T___T)

-Her *the thing i can't not talk about*
-Her phone number
-Her real name (she wasn't even afraid i would STK her T___________T maybe she didnt know at that time i take pics of every cute girls in trains )


-Her msn adress, SHE ADDED ME !!!! OMG CAN I BE MORE HAPPY NOW????????

If i can meet you for real

Anyway !!!!

Thank you

Without anyone, i will never have undestand my place here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love ?

It's not because you tell me

'I love you'

that i have to love you too.

It's not because i don't love you too,

that means i can't love you too.

How many poeple have loved me before you ?

you don't know it, because i don't mention it.

Why do i don't mention it ?

because, i want you to feel



and, so , you don't have to compare with others.

others doesn't matter here.

Other who have loved me, other that i love, are still there in the world.

They aren't just everywhere in that World,

they are in My world.


didn't i make you feel the love i can make you feel at least once ?

it's not, the only one way to show you love someone.

You love someone, because you love someone, but you love everything around that someone

and that

makes you feel special.

Because the one you love,

will show you,

in the way one want.

Make you feel like you are the most loved in the My World.

That is one, everyone here, there, everywhere,

i know,

you are here because you 'love me' and because i love you too.

I just treat everyone the same, everyone is special for me,

but i just won't show them, in the same way.

that's the meaning of love.

Do you see now why i haven't name people in the mail i wrote few month ago ?

because anyone, can't be named the same

anyone, can't feel the way they feel like she wants to make them feel.

She knows everyone, so , she knows

How to treat them special.

Go back, read again, think about what everything i said must be something,

in the futur

that you will just get, it will be just so obvious,

you will feel so special,

that you won't have to ask me what to do if...

and by the time you will know what to tell me, what to show me, what not to do,



and you will see, why, i'm surrounded by poeple,

that have at least one thing in commum with you,

and that day.

You will know, some people here just can get everything i do, without telling me they might do,

and, you will enter the WORLD OF THE GIRL YOU LOVE

Ijou dessu :p

Talk to Your Hand

ChrNo dit (01:01) :
ChrNo dit (01:01) :
so early XD
M dit (01:02) :
M dit (01:02) :
M dit (01:02) :
what happened?
ChrNo dit (01:02) :
gettting things better
ChrNo dit (01:02) :
M dit (01:03) :
M dit (01:03) :
you talked to brian and sh1 last night>
M dit (01:03) :
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
wel it's still tonight for me
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
yeah i had sh1 on msn
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
hu hu huh u
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
and we were all joking around
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
so i guess
ChrNo dit (01:03) :
we are good night
ChrNo dit (01:04) :
ChrNo dit (01:04) :
brian wants to talk to me XD
ChrNo dit (01:04) :
so sh1 went to sleep
ChrNo dit (01:04) :
and hopin
ChrNo dit (01:04) :
for me to telling him things he wants tomorow
M dit (01:05) :
ChrNo dit (01:05) :
M dit (01:05) :
brian said he's ok if you don't have feelings for him the way he does for you
M dit (01:05) :
what he's afraid is
M dit (01:06) :
sh1 might stop you from being his friend even after all this is over
ChrNo dit (01:06) :
i know
ChrNo dit (01:06) :
and sh1 is just hoping for me to stop talking to brian
ChrNo dit (01:06) :
he said
ChrNo dit (01:06) :
éthat will solve the problm"
M dit (01:07) :
do you want to stop talking to brian
M dit (01:07) :
i don't think you want to
ChrNo dit (01:07) :
i don't
ChrNo dit (01:07) :
but sh1 just can't accept it
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
i understand him you oknow
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
i understand that he doesn't wanat me to talk to a guy that love me
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
because he is afraid i fall for him
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
and would leave him
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
but i just believe sh1 is everything for me
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
and i will never
ChrNo dit (01:08) :
NEVER leave him
M dit (01:08) :
but you told sh1 that you didn't have feelings for biran right
M dit (01:09) :
i don't know what he's afraid of
M dit (01:09) :
telling him that you don't love brian should have been enough
M dit (01:10) :
but asking you to stop talking to him is a bit too much don;t you think?
M dit (01:10) :
the best way is for sh1 and brian to talk to settle this once and for all
M dit (01:10) :
you're the one who's getting caught between them
M dit (01:10) :
yet the three of you are the ones getting hurt
M dit (01:11) :
btw the preview of maimi and nacchi single is out lol
M dit (01:11) :
shameless plug
ChrNo dit (01:11) :
they talked, then when brian didn't give up on me, he started to think he is a threat, and don't want to talk to him anymore, beucase he said , brian is just ruining our couple
M dit (01:12) :
M dit (01:12) :
i guess you have to reject brian the proper way
M dit (01:13) :
not with "i don't love you" or sth like that
M dit (01:13) :
so he will understand
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
i tried everything, being nice, bieng harsh, being indiferent, he didn't stop emailing me, didn't stop calling me, even if i didn't answer
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
i don't want to make him sound bad
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
i understand them...
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
that's why
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
i need
ChrNo dit (01:13) :
your objectiv view
M dit (01:14) :
M dit (01:14) :
be honest
M dit (01:15) :
you never had feelings from brian aside from being a friend?
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
i like him a lot
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
never go as far as love him
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
ChrNo dit (01:15) :
having any feeling for him
M dit (01:16) :
M dit (01:16) :
then that's it
M vous a envoyé un wizz.
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
i wish
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
it was easy XD
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
matth just doubt
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
i understant
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
everyone in a couple would have that doubt
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
that fear
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
that someday
ChrNo dit (01:22) :
i would leave him
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
the fact that
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
there is someone who loves me besides him
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
just freak him out
ChrNo dit (01:23) :
i understand
M dit (01:27) :
M dit (01:27) :
if you and sh1 get back
M dit (01:27) :
will you still talk to brian secretly?
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
no need secretly
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
i tell him i talk to him
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
he needs to understand
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
to trust me
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
that im confident
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
to say i will never leave matth
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
and will keep rejecting brian's love
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
he said
ChrNo dit (01:28) :
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
that brian wouldn't just ruind or couple
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
he is stil afraid
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
one day
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
if i keep talking to brian
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
i will fall for him
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
it's just
ChrNo dit (01:29) :
lack of confidence in me
M dit (01:31) :
M dit (01:31) :
and trust
M dit (01:31) :
why would he use a keylogger on your email :P
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
jeez brian leave in USA XD
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
i don't see
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
how can he+me is possible lol
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
because i was hiding
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
he told me to stop tlking to brian
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
i thought it was unfait
ChrNo dit (01:31) :
ChrNo dit (01:32) :
so kept talking
ChrNo dit (01:32) :
you know at first
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
i was just sharing my crazyness about miya with him
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
he was the first miyawota i ever met
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
i was happy to share
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
and then
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
one day brian said
ChrNo dit (01:33) :
"i don't think we can be friends without miya, we are just so diff"
ChrNo dit (01:34) :
i never intended to risk my love with matth to get him like me XD
M dit (01:35) :
ChrNo dit (01:36) :
matth said
ChrNo dit (01:36) :
opening my heart
ChrNo dit (01:36) :
ChrNo dit (01:36) :
bulding wall
ChrNo dit (01:37) :
let him get closer
ChrNo dit (01:37) :
was my mistake
ChrNo dit (01:37) :
because i would told him my problms about matth
ChrNo dit (01:37) :
when i don't feel good
ChrNo dit (01:37) :
math said
ChrNo dit (01:38) :
"you are just so nice, too nice, you make people want to protect you, because a lot of bad things has hepepened to you, so there is no wonder, he fall for you"
M dit (01:40) :
ChrNo dit (01:40) :
thats why he said
ChrNo dit (01:41) :
"i warm you why don't you just go confess your problm to girls !!! just like tama, at least they wont fall for you"

ChrNo dit (01:41) :
M dit (01:41) :
M dit (01:41) :
but what if tama fell for you
M dit (01:41) :
would you leave sh1?
M dit (01:41) :
M dit (01:41) :
M dit (01:41) :
that's a diff story
ChrNo dit (01:42) :
indeed XD
ChrNo dit (01:42) :
ChrNo dit (01:42) :
there is no way tama fell for me
ChrNo dit (01:42) :
she said
ChrNo dit (01:42) :
she doesn't understand long relationship, and distance relaionship lol
M dit (01:43) :
ChrNo dit (01:44) :
would my story will inspire you again :P
ChrNo dit (01:44) :
about ryota, miya and yurina ?
ChrNo dit (01:44) :
the only diff here
ChrNo dit (01:44) :
brian didn't kiss me lol
ChrNo dit (01:44) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
M dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
i don't have feeling for him
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
you know
M dit (01:45) :
i was thinking of risako being a bitch when pretty boy came back
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
he is my type, because he is matth clone XD
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
they do
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
exactly the same XD
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
but i never saw a pic of brian
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
ChrNo dit (01:45) :
they both
ChrNo dit (01:46) :
wear glasses, bth have green eyes, both has their dad a cop
ChrNo dit (01:46) :
M dit (01:46) :
ChrNo dit (01:46) :
why would ri be a bitch Oo
Edited : Too Young spoilers
M dit (02:01) :
my friend wants to learn how to draw
M dit (02:01) :
so he can make h-doujin
M dit (02:01) :
that was the same reason i had before
M dit (02:01) :
ChrNo dit (02:02) :
duh xD
ChrNo dit (02:02) :
ChrNo dit (02:02) :
ChrNo dit (02:02) :
ChrNo dit (02:02) :
M dit (02:03) :
M dit (02:03) :
that's how mangakas start lol
ChrNo dit (02:04) :
all of them Oo ????
M dit (02:05) :
well most
M dit (02:05) :
M dit (02:05) :
like you
M dit (02:05) :
ChrNo dit (02:07) :
what like me ? XD
M dit (02:07) :
you wanted to draw h-doujin <_<
M dit (02:07) :
M dit (02:07) :
ChrNo dit (02:07) :
ChrNo dit (02:07) :
i love your pun XD
Vous avez envoyé un wizz.
ChrNo dit (02:08) :
you made it purpose !!!
ChrNo dit (02:08) :
to call him H !!!
ChrNo dit (02:08) :
M dit (02:09) :
not really
ChrNo dit (02:09) :
ChrNo dit (02:09) :
then H
Edited : NSFW
ChrNo dit (03:04) :
i think i should stop talk to brian for a while
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
he is just making things so complecate
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
and actin glike matth
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
making supposition about what i can do to them
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
in the future
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
matth thinks i will leave him for brian, and brian think i will stop talking to him
ChrNo dit (03:05) :
so both oth them wants me to promise
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
either i top talking to one brian or not
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
and they say
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
"i let you think about it"
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
a few minutes later
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
i feel so much pain
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
right now
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
and they keep
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
pushing me to make a decision
ChrNo dit (03:06) :
i can't handle it anymore
ChrNo dit (03:08) :
i should read momo's fic to change my mind
ChrNo dit (03:08) :
or i will just get into (emo)
M dit (03:08) :
M dit (03:08) :
read momo's fic
M dit (03:09) :
well if you're going to stop talking to brian
M dit (03:09) :
tell him in a good way
M dit (03:09) :
not like
M dit (03:09) :
'i dun want to talk to you bye'
ChrNo dit (03:10) :
i don't want to stop talking to him, because he said it will just break his heart, so talking to me is ok, that just this is ok, he doesn't wait for me to love him, so i can keep talking to him
M dit (03:11) :
he knows his boudaries now
M dit (03:11) :
so he's going to stop
M dit (03:12) :
just wait and don't rush him
M dit (03:12) :
getting heartbroken is hard to get over
ChrNo dit (03:13) :
he kept mentioning, that he wants us to friend, yet he keeps saying he doesn't want to buid back all his trust in me, and start to hide things, so how can this be continue like that, how can we go back to friend, he is keep mentioning that i m going to stop talking to him even if i tell him no
ChrNo dit (03:13) :
i'm not rushing anything, he is the one who wants me to promise him i won't stop talking to him
M dit (03:14) :
then tell him that you won't stop talking ot him after this is over
ChrNo dit (03:14) :
but i can't make promise i don't know if i can keep, because what matth wants is to stop talking to him
M dit (03:14) :
that will give him peace of mind
ChrNo dit (03:14) :
that is just lying cause i don't know what can happen tomorow, who knows, what can matth do
ChrNo dit (03:47) :
i feel so usuless
ChrNo dit (03:47) :
i'm hiding again
ChrNo dit (03:51) :
are you still there ?
ChrNo dit (03:51) :
i guess you are buzy
ChrNo dit (03:51) :
gomen for bothering you
ChrNo dit (03:51) :
have a nice day mike

Too Young

07/01/2008 15:12:51 ChrNo M pssst
07/01/2008 15:13:00 M ChrNo hey
07/01/2008 15:13:08 ChrNo M posted :P
07/01/2008 15:13:30 M ChrNo where?
07/01/2008 15:13:34 M ChrNo hey
07/01/2008 15:13:37 ChrNo M too young
07/01/2008 15:13:47 M ChrNo i'm talking to brian
07/01/2008 15:13:52 ChrNo M what ?
07/01/2008 15:14:01 ChrNo M you have his msn ?
07/01/2008 15:14:16 M ChrNo yes
07/01/2008 15:14:21 M ChrNo and he told me
07/01/2008 15:14:26 M ChrNo that he likes you
07/01/2008 15:14:27 ChrNo M damn i didn't see that coming...
07/01/2008 15:14:33 ChrNo M i mean
07/01/2008 15:14:40 ChrNo M the fact that you have his msn...
07/01/2008 15:14:44 ChrNo M damn...
07/01/2008 15:15:04 M ChrNo did you remove his contact in your msn?
07/01/2008 15:15:08 ChrNo M no
07/01/2008 15:15:12 ChrNo M i can't do that...
07/01/2008 15:15:30 ChrNo M if you haven't tell him
07/01/2008 15:15:34 ChrNo M please don't tell im online
07/01/2008 15:15:36 ChrNo M please...
07/01/2008 15:15:37 ChrNo M it's
07/01/2008 15:15:40 ChrNo M hard situation
07/01/2008 15:15:40 M ChrNo oops
07/01/2008 15:15:42 ChrNo M ...
07/01/2008 15:15:53 M ChrNo too late T_T
07/01/2008 15:15:57 ChrNo M it's ok...
07/01/2008 15:16:13 ChrNo M i didn't want to tell you
07/01/2008 15:16:16 ChrNo M so you won't worry
07/01/2008 15:16:22 ChrNo M but damn why did he tell you...
07/01/2008 15:16:22 M ChrNo
'? says: could you ask her to talk to me
m9?_?'? says: and
m9?_?'? says: tell her
m9?_?'? says: to tell me the truth
m9?_?'? says: i think
m9?_?'? says: maybe she lied to me
m9?_?'? says: and acted like
m9?_?'? says: she would leave us both
m9?_?'? says: and maybe she will just leave me
m9?_?'? says: i would appreciate it
m9?_?'? says: so much
M says: wait
m9?_?'? says: i want the truth
m9?_?'? s
07/01/2008 15:16:30 M ChrNo he wants me to ask you that
07/01/2008 15:16:32 ChrNo M really i wanted to tell you
07/01/2008 15:16:35 ChrNo M but then i thought
07/01/2008 15:16:35 M ChrNo even if he didn't tell me
07/01/2008 15:16:38 ChrNo M you would worry
07/01/2008 15:16:38 M ChrNo i knwo it would come to this
07/01/2008 15:16:42 ChrNo M and i didn't so...
07/01/2008 15:18:12 M ChrNo so
07/01/2008 15:18:12 M ChrNo what do i tell him
07/01/2008 15:18:12 M ChrNo /
07/01/2008 15:18:29 M ChrNo sorry if i told him you were online
07/01/2008 15:18:32 ChrNo M i unblocked him
07/01/2008 15:18:36 ChrNo M i need
07/01/2008 15:18:40 ChrNo M to stop running away
07/01/2008 15:19:18 ChrNo M you knew ?
07/01/2008 15:20:20 M ChrNo you always mention him
07/01/2008 15:20:41 M ChrNo gave me a vibe that something was brewing
07/01/2008 15:21:26 ChrNo M so you think i had feelings for him ?
07/01/2008 15:21:41 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 15:21:41 M ChrNo it was easy
07/01/2008 15:22:11 M ChrNo are you and sh1 fighting?
07/01/2008 15:22:23 ChrNo M we kinda broke...
07/01/2008 15:22:33 ChrNo M i need to tell you
07/01/2008 15:22:36 ChrNo M i don't love him
07/01/2008 15:22:38 ChrNo M i mean
07/01/2008 15:22:40 ChrNo M brian
07/01/2008 15:22:43 ChrNo M i never met him
07/01/2008 15:22:50 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 15:22:58 ChrNo M matth said i fell in love with brian
07/01/2008 15:22:58 M ChrNo you like him
07/01/2008 15:23:06 ChrNo M so he wanted to break
07/01/2008 15:23:20 ChrNo M i lke brian, like i like you
07/01/2008 15:23:24 ChrNo M i don't love him
07/01/2008 15:23:31 M ChrNo i though everything was going fine between you
07/01/2008 15:23:33 ChrNo M brian confessed yesturday
07/01/2008 15:23:38 ChrNo M he said he loves me
07/01/2008 15:23:43 ChrNo M i rejected him
07/01/2008 15:23:49 ChrNo M but he doesn't want to give up
07/01/2008 15:23:58 ChrNo M i wanted you to believe that
07/01/2008 15:23:59 M ChrNo how did you reject him?
07/01/2008 15:24:01 ChrNo M so you don't worry
07/01/2008 15:24:14 ChrNo M i told him i don't love him and i will never leave matth for him
07/01/2008 15:24:39 M ChrNo those exact words?
07/01/2008 15:24:39 M ChrNo that's kinda harsh
07/01/2008 15:24:39 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 15:24:51 ChrNo M i tried not to be harsh at first
07/01/2008 15:24:53 ChrNo M saying
07/01/2008 15:25:03 ChrNo M "no you don't love me i'm not as nice as you think!"
07/01/2008 15:25:15 ChrNo M and he thought he had a chance still so
07/01/2008 15:25:19 ChrNo M i had to be harsh

07/01/2008 15:25:26 ChrNo M i never rejected anyone before
07/01/2008 15:25:31 ChrNo M didn't know who to handle it lol
07/01/2008 15:25:46 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 15:26:07 ChrNo M i'm glad that you know it now, so you can help me, tell me what you saw
07/01/2008 15:26:07 M ChrNo you could have asked tama
07/01/2008 15:26:19 ChrNo M she said she doesn't know what to say lol
07/01/2008 15:26:23 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 15:26:26 ChrNo M she was kind enough
07/01/2008 15:26:30 ChrNo M to talk to me
07/01/2008 15:26:32 ChrNo M that's why
07/01/2008 15:26:37 ChrNo M i wanted so badly to talk to her
07/01/2008 15:26:39 ChrNo M this morning
07/01/2008 15:26:52 ChrNo M it was kinda late yesturday when i talked to her
07/01/2008 15:26:56 ChrNo M she was going to sleep
07/01/2008 15:26:58 ChrNo M she said
07/01/2008 15:27:06 ChrNo M she doesn't understand what is hapening to me
07/01/2008 15:27:07 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 15:27:19 ChrNo M never understand long relationship anyway xD
07/01/2008 15:27:29 M ChrNo is he at peace with sh1?
07/01/2008 15:27:29 M ChrNo because if not
07/01/2008 15:27:40 M ChrNo she'll probably tell you to go with brian
07/01/2008 15:27:40 M ChrNo XD
07/01/2008 15:27:40 M ChrNo j/k
07/01/2008 15:27:50 ChrNo M she is now, lol
07/01/2008 15:27:57 ChrNo M otherwie i won't talk about that with her XD
07/01/2008 15:28:08 ChrNo M she said "i don't understand your choice"
07/01/2008 15:28:13 ChrNo M by keeping both
07/01/2008 15:28:20 ChrNo M i did tell her i chose matth
07/01/2008 15:29:06 M ChrNo what did she say?
07/01/2008 15:29:06 M ChrNo your face is a mess?
07/01/2008 15:29:06 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 15:29:12 ChrNo M no xD
07/01/2008 15:29:23 ChrNo M sje was serious, like everytime i talk to her
07/01/2008 15:29:29 ChrNo M that's why
07/01/2008 15:29:33 ChrNo M i like her a lot
07/01/2008 15:29:39 ChrNo M she wouldn't judge me
07/01/2008 15:29:44 ChrNo M she wouldn't treat me like shit
07/01/2008 15:29:47 ChrNo M she said
07/01/2008 15:29:56 ChrNo M "i don't know what i can tell you, i don't know matth and brian"
07/01/2008 15:30:11 M ChrNo hehe
07/01/2008 15:30:15 ChrNo M see
07/01/2008 15:30:38 ChrNo M she wouldn't say "just stop talking to brian you stupid girl"
07/01/2008 15:30:51 ChrNo M tama is so nice
07/01/2008 15:30:52 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 15:30:53 ChrNo M she is
07/01/2008 15:30:55 ChrNo M more mature
07/01/2008 15:30:58 ChrNo M than i am :P
07/01/2008 15:31:13 M ChrNo of course
Edited : NoneSafeForWordsworth

07/01/2008 15:59:25 ChrNo M well don't mention herlike that in the forum xD
07/01/2008 15:59:40 M ChrNo i know
07/01/2008 15:59:51 M ChrNo or i'll be dead
07/01/2008 16:00:18 ChrNo M who would kill you :::P
07/01/2008 16:01:04 M ChrNo a lot
07/01/2008 16:01:04 M ChrNo meguru fans?
07/01/2008 16:01:47 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:01:47 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:01:48 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:01:49 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:01:49 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:02:26 M ChrNo even zig would kill me
07/01/2008 16:02:26 M ChrNo kukuku
07/01/2008 16:03:17 ChrNo M ziggg would kill everyone that mention captain
07/01/2008 16:03:19 ChrNo M that's why
07/01/2008 16:03:21 ChrNo M i did it
07/01/2008 16:03:22 ChrNo M hahahah
07/01/2008 16:03:23 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 16:03:25 ChrNo M i don't think
07/01/2008 16:03:28 ChrNo M he will read my post lol
07/01/2008 16:03:43 M ChrNo post where?
07/01/2008 16:04:04 ChrNo M too young XD
07/01/2008 16:04:05 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:04:06 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:04:06 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:05:01 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:05:32 M ChrNo i'll tell him to read it
07/01/2008 16:05:53 ChrNo M lol
07/01/2008 16:06:05 ChrNo M zigg is your dog, he would listen everything you tell him xD
07/01/2008 16:07:00 M ChrNo that's cruel :(
07/01/2008 16:08:21 ChrNo M i thought it was a joke..
07/01/2008 16:08:26 ChrNo M you know
07/01/2008 16:08:30 ChrNo M zigg respect you a lot
07/01/2008 16:08:37 ChrNo M remember i was the one who introduce him here
07/01/2008 16:08:44 ChrNo M he said he was afraid to talk to you
07/01/2008 16:08:46 ChrNo M because for him
07/01/2008 16:08:47 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 16:08:51 ChrNo M you were a sempai
07/01/2008 16:08:58 ChrNo M aand that you were perfect XD
07/01/2008 16:08:58 ChrNo M so
07/01/2008 16:09:04 ChrNo M i had to introduce him to you
07/01/2008 16:09:04 M ChrNo but i have a lot of respect for zig too
07/01/2008 16:09:05 ChrNo M because
07/01/2008 16:09:07 ChrNo M he is funny
07/01/2008 16:09:22 M ChrNo he teaches me how to hack stuff
07/01/2008 16:10:27 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:10:40 ChrNo M i never knew, how close you and him could get
07/01/2008 16:10:44 ChrNo M that was just so crazy
07/01/2008 16:10:45 ChrNo M and funny
07/01/2008 16:10:47 ChrNo M you were like
07/01/2008 16:10:49 ChrNo M his sempai
07/01/2008 16:10:51 ChrNo M all the time
07/01/2008 16:10:56 ChrNo M he would respect you so much
07/01/2008 16:10:59 ChrNo M he told me once
07/01/2008 16:11:04 ChrNo M that sometimes i can hurt you
07/01/2008 16:11:08 ChrNo M but you would tell
07/01/2008 16:11:11 ChrNo M because you are too nice
07/01/2008 16:11:16 ChrNo M and hide your feelings
07/01/2008 16:11:34 ChrNo M wouldn't
07/01/2008 16:11:36 M ChrNo that's how sagguitarians are
07/01/2008 16:11:40 M ChrNo like captain :P
07/01/2008 16:11:41 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:15:18 M ChrNo what? :P
07/01/2008 16:16:35 ChrNo M mmmm
07/01/2008 16:17:22 ChrNo M i knew wheni read your fic, that you were smart, then when i talk to you, it proved it, now you said you could see that happen, really wow, i respect you a lot :)
07/01/2008 16:18:41 M ChrNo :yosh:
07/01/2008 16:18:41 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:20:09 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:20:36 M ChrNo i'm not that smart
07/01/2008 16:20:47 M ChrNo but i'm not much of a vocal person
07/01/2008 16:20:57 M ChrNo i express my feelings in writing
07/01/2008 16:21:29 M ChrNo maybe when we meet you'll see how different i am lol
07/01/2008 16:22:30 ChrNo M i'm the same :P
07/01/2008 16:24:20 M ChrNo i'm snobbish-looking
07/01/2008 16:24:20 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:24:20 M ChrNo i dunno
07/01/2008 16:24:20 M ChrNo but some girls dig that
07/01/2008 16:24:31 M ChrNo too bad they're not my type
07/01/2008 16:24:31 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:25:45 ChrNo M LOL
07/01/2008 16:25:46 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:25:46 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:25:47 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:25:48 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:25:48 ChrNo M Xd
07/01/2008 16:25:49 ChrNo M lol
07/01/2008 16:25:51 ChrNo M rofl
07/01/2008 16:25:57 ChrNo M i like it :P
07/01/2008 16:25:59 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 16:26:02 ChrNo M mmm
07/01/2008 16:26:04 ChrNo M more like
07/01/2008 16:26:15 ChrNo M the toonicelookdespressed time
07/01/2008 16:26:16 ChrNo M XD
07/01/2008 16:26:18 ChrNo M like matth :P
07/01/2008 16:26:21 ChrNo M hu hu hu hu
07/01/2008 16:26:38 M ChrNo :P
07/01/2008 16:26:58 M ChrNo still talking to brian?
07/01/2008 16:27:06 ChrNo M yeah
07/01/2008 16:27:08 ChrNo M is that bad ?
07/01/2008 16:27:23 M ChrNo of course not
07/01/2008 16:28:09 ChrNo M i see
07/01/2008 16:28:34 M ChrNo why would you think it's bad?
07/01/2008 16:28:48 ChrNo M i don't know, you wouldn't ask if it was good ?
07/01/2008 16:29:14 M ChrNo nah
07/01/2008 16:29:44 M ChrNo i thought you were ignoring him or sth
07/01/2008 16:29:44 M ChrNo :P
07/01/2008 16:30:24 ChrNo M i was hiding untill you tell him remember >_>
07/01/2008 16:31:09 M ChrNo he's still taking to you then?
07/01/2008 16:31:13 ChrNo M yes
07/01/2008 16:31:18 ChrNo M both f them
07/01/2008 16:31:20 ChrNo M matht and brian
07/01/2008 16:31:26 ChrNo M never stopped email me
07/01/2008 16:31:27 ChrNo M for hours
07/01/2008 16:31:30 ChrNo M i told them
07/01/2008 16:31:45 ChrNo M i want to take a break about thinking cause they both making me feel really hard
07/01/2008 16:31:45 M ChrNo talking to sh1 right now too?
07/01/2008 16:31:47 ChrNo M bad *
07/01/2008 16:31:50 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 16:31:55 ChrNo M they kept sending mails
07/01/2008 16:32:00 ChrNo M yeah
07/01/2008 16:32:02 ChrNo M byt mail
07/01/2008 16:32:03 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 16:32:09 ChrNo M to change air
07/01/2008 16:32:16 ChrNo M i made your post
07/01/2008 16:32:21 ChrNo M i told you in the post
07/01/2008 16:32:24 ChrNo M you made my day
07/01/2008 16:32:26 ChrNo M because
07/01/2008 16:32:27 ChrNo M yout fic
07/01/2008 16:32:32 ChrNo M really made me feel better
07/01/2008 16:32:36 ChrNo M so
07/01/2008 16:32:39 ChrNo M i wanted to come
07/01/2008 16:32:42 ChrNo M and tell you
07/01/2008 16:32:44 ChrNo M i posted
07/01/2008 16:32:48 ChrNo M bloking brian
07/01/2008 16:32:53 ChrNo M but you told him T_T
07/01/2008 16:33:08 M ChrNo sorry T_T
07/01/2008 16:33:09 M ChrNo i thought ou were offline
07/01/2008 16:33:19 M ChrNo that's why he was looking for you
07/01/2008 16:34:03 ChrNo M yeah i told you they kep emailing, and i didn't reply
07/01/2008 16:37:11 ChrNo M my last line was
07/01/2008 16:37:16 ChrNo M that's why he was looking for you ChrNo dit (16:34) : yeah i told you they kep emailing, and i didn't reply *
07/01/2008 16:37:21 ChrNo M did you say something after ?
07/01/2008 16:38:21 M ChrNo nope
07/01/2008 16:38:40 ChrNo M ok
07/01/2008 16:39:00 M ChrNo you're hiding?
07/01/2008 16:39:01 ChrNo M hu hu hu
07/01/2008 16:39:05 ChrNo M hiding ?
07/01/2008 16:39:20 M ChrNo invisible?
07/01/2008 16:39:36 ChrNo M don't you see i'm online ? lol
07/01/2008 16:39:51 M ChrNo maybe hiding from brian
07/01/2008 16:39:52 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:40:12 M ChrNo btw
07/01/2008 16:40:22 M ChrNo he said that you talked about me
07/01/2008 16:40:31 ChrNo M i told you i was but you told himim online XD
07/01/2008 16:40:35 ChrNo M so he started to talk to me XD
07/01/2008 16:40:41 M ChrNo i told him not to believe you if you told him i was a perv
07/01/2008 16:40:45 ChrNo M xD
07/01/2008 16:40:47 M ChrNo (:8)
07/01/2008 16:40:54 ChrNo M i told him you are funny
07/01/2008 16:41:29 M ChrNo ok
07/01/2008 16:41:30 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 16:41:40 ChrNo M haha
07/01/2008 16:41:46 ChrNo M at first
07/01/2008 16:42:00 ChrNo M he thought that you were just a perv, i told him, a perv but a nice one and funnny one :P
07/01/2008 16:42:04 ChrNo M at first
07/01/2008 16:42:10 ChrNo M he didn't like you, untill i say i do
07/01/2008 16:42:16 ChrNo M like to talk to you
07/01/2008 16:42:42 ChrNo M he also
07/01/2008 16:42:45 ChrNo M didn't like tama
07/01/2008 16:42:46 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 16:42:49 ChrNo M wondered
07/01/2008 16:42:53 ChrNo M why i liked her so much
07/01/2008 16:42:54 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 16:42:56 ChrNo M he didn't
07/01/2008 16:43:05 ChrNo M understand why she didn't like him too
07/01/2008 16:43:07 ChrNo M but i told him
07/01/2008 16:43:10 ChrNo M she was nice
07/01/2008 16:43:11 ChrNo M and all
07/01/2008 16:43:15 ChrNo M but he couldn't believe it
07/01/2008 16:43:17 ChrNo M untill
07/01/2008 16:43:19 ChrNo M today xD
07/01/2008 16:43:44 M ChrNo hehe
07/01/2008 16:44:45 M ChrNo at least he's free from hiding his feelings
07/01/2008 16:45:15 M ChrNo it's up to him if he can get over it though
07/01/2008 16:45:26 M ChrNo but he seems like a nice guy
07/01/2008 16:47:31 ChrNo M he is, otherwise i wouldn't talk to him lol
07/01/2008 16:48:21 M ChrNo hehe
07/01/2008 16:49:05 M ChrNo it was sh1 who told you to cool off for a while?
07/01/2008 16:49:05 M ChrNo or you told him that?
07/01/2008 16:49:24 ChrNo M it was his idea
07/01/2008 16:49:29 ChrNo M actually
07/01/2008 16:49:40 ChrNo M i only understand it today
07/01/2008 16:49:42 ChrNo M why
07/01/2008 16:49:45 ChrNo M he sent me back hom
07/01/2008 16:49:49 ChrNo M saying it's a break
07/01/2008 16:49:51 ChrNo M because
07/01/2008 16:50:01 ChrNo M he can't tell me his feeling when he looks at me
07/01/2008 16:50:01 M ChrNo he told you after brian confessed?
07/01/2008 16:50:16 ChrNo M he can't say things such as
07/01/2008 16:50:20 ChrNo M "you hurt me you know"
07/01/2008 16:50:22 ChrNo M because
07/01/2008 16:50:33 ChrNo M that would break my heart and i would start crying
07/01/2008 16:50:38 ChrNo M and when he sees me cry
07/01/2008 16:50:44 ChrNo M he would just think of confort me
07/01/2008 16:50:48 ChrNo M and not talking
07/01/2008 16:50:54 ChrNo M so we just lose ourself
07/01/2008 16:50:59 ChrNo M and not solving problms
07/01/2008 16:51:12 ChrNo M so
07/01/2008 16:51:17 ChrNo M he snet me back home
07/01/2008 16:51:24 ChrNo M so we can say hurting, painful things
07/01/2008 16:51:28 ChrNo M and try
07/01/2008 16:51:31 ChrNo M to solve the problm
07/01/2008 16:51:41 ChrNo M no one knew
07/01/2008 16:51:45 ChrNo M that during that time
07/01/2008 16:51:45 M ChrNo i see
07/01/2008 16:51:49 ChrNo M brian would confess
07/01/2008 16:51:56 ChrNo M not even him
07/01/2008 16:52:00 ChrNo M brian said
07/01/2008 16:52:13 ChrNo M "my feeling for you was just so obvious , but you don't see things"
07/01/2008 16:52:44 M ChrNo so the cool off happened after he confessed?
07/01/2008 16:53:28 ChrNo M matth said "i don't even blame him, you don't chose who you fall for, but youshould have put walls, cause the line friendship and love is so thin"
07/01/2008 16:53:51 ChrNo M ok let me do the chrnoic
07/01/2008 16:53:57 M ChrNo he's right
07/01/2008 16:54:03 ChrNo M thurday
07/01/2008 16:54:07 ChrNo M matth said
07/01/2008 16:54:17 ChrNo M we should take a break
07/01/2008 16:54:27 ChrNo M because i can't stop talking to brian
07/01/2008 16:54:32 ChrNo M and i don't care about matth enough
07/01/2008 16:54:45 ChrNo M i told him
07/01/2008 16:54:53 ChrNo M i only love matth
07/01/2008 16:54:56 ChrNo M but
07/01/2008 16:55:00 ChrNo M something was wrong there
07/01/2008 16:55:02 ChrNo M i didn't know what
07/01/2008 16:55:09 ChrNo M i wrote a long mail
07/01/2008 16:55:12 ChrNo M about everything
07/01/2008 16:55:18 ChrNo M we argue about
07/01/2008 16:55:25 ChrNo M i sent that to brian
07/01/2008 16:55:32 ChrNo M matth had keylog
07/01/2008 16:55:37 ChrNo M so he saw what i sent
07/01/2008 16:55:42 ChrNo M friday
07/01/2008 16:55:46 ChrNo M coming back
07/01/2008 16:55:49 ChrNo M from work
07/01/2008 16:55:50 ChrNo M saying
07/01/2008 16:55:54 ChrNo M ok it's him or me chose
07/01/2008 16:56:01 ChrNo M i don't understand
07/01/2008 16:56:08 ChrNo M you fall for him !!!
07/01/2008 16:56:10 ChrNo M i didnt !
07/01/2008 16:56:12 ChrNo M you did
07/01/2008 16:56:18 ChrNo M we need a break to think about it
07/01/2008 16:56:28 ChrNo M so i went back to home saturday
07/01/2008 16:56:32 ChrNo M there
07/01/2008 16:56:49 ChrNo M i toldhim i only love him; but he doesn't want to hear
07/01/2008 16:56:56 ChrNo M sunday mmorning
07/01/2008 16:57:00 ChrNo M brian confessed
07/01/2008 16:57:03 ChrNo M to me
07/01/2008 16:57:11 ChrNo M matth sent me a mail
07/01/2008 16:57:16 ChrNo M asking how i am
07/01/2008 16:57:28 ChrNo M if i stopped talking to brian or not
07/01/2008 16:57:33 ChrNo M i sent him my log
07/01/2008 16:57:37 ChrNo M so
07/01/2008 16:57:43 ChrNo M matth said
07/01/2008 16:57:49 ChrNo M he feels sorry for him
07/01/2008 16:57:54 ChrNo M and all...
07/01/2008 16:58:29 M ChrNo damn
07/01/2008 16:58:49 M ChrNo i think it would have been good
07/01/2008 16:59:03 ChrNo M what ?
07/01/2008 16:59:08 M ChrNo if you introduced brian to sh1 like what you did for me
07/01/2008 16:59:18 M ChrNo so that they'll get to know each other
07/01/2008 16:59:24 M ChrNo they could have been could friends
07/01/2008 16:59:34 ChrNo M sh1 hated him before i even start lol
07/01/2008 16:59:34 M ChrNo i don;t understand why though
07/01/2008 16:59:45 M ChrNo you couldn't see that brian had feelings for you
07/01/2008 16:59:48 ChrNo M because he likes miya too, and sent me miya photobool
07/01/2008 16:59:50 ChrNo M book*
07/01/2008 17:00:05 ChrNo M i don't see things i m just too naive they said XD
07/01/2008 17:00:05 M ChrNo i knew that was the breaking point
07/01/2008 17:00:20 M ChrNo i think sh1 wanted to give you that pb
07/01/2008 17:00:20 M ChrNo but you told him no
07/01/2008 17:00:30 M ChrNo then you get a pb from someone else
07/01/2008 17:00:41 M ChrNo that was the spark
07/01/2008 17:00:51 M ChrNo when i saw your post about the pb
07/01/2008 17:00:51 M ChrNo i though ;
07/01/2008 17:01:02 M ChrNo uh oh
07/01/2008 17:01:49 ChrNo M wow
07/01/2008 17:02:04 ChrNo M from that point you already know that today would happen...
07/01/2008 17:02:11 ChrNo M you are smarted than me..
07/01/2008 17:02:27 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 17:02:37 M ChrNo and you kept mentioning brian most of the time so
07/01/2008 17:02:37 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 17:02:37 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 17:02:51 ChrNo M well i did tell you snoopy story :P
07/01/2008 17:03:16 M ChrNo there's more? :P
07/01/2008 17:03:16 M ChrNo j/k XD
07/01/2008 17:03:28 ChrNo M well the almsot rape part XD
07/01/2008 17:03:36 ChrNo M but matth told me
07/01/2008 17:03:59 ChrNo M "you are disgusting when you tell that to words, how can you do that, this is only between you and me"
07/01/2008 17:04:12 M ChrNo lol
07/01/2008 17:04:13 M ChrNo ok
07/01/2008 17:04:15 ChrNo M so i had to stop
07/01/2008 17:04:31 M ChrNo confidential stuff are confidential
07/01/2008 17:05:22 ChrNo M hehehehe
07/01/2008 17:07:08 ChrNo M brb
07/01/2008 17:07:10 ChrNo M getting foood
07/01/2008 17:07:57 M ChrNo sure
07/01/2008 17:20:04 ChrNo M psst
07/01/2008 17:20:40 M ChrNo back?
07/01/2008 17:20:40 M ChrNo with banana
07/01/2008 17:20:44 ChrNo M yeah XD
07/01/2008 17:20:48 ChrNo M and chocolate :P
07/01/2008 17:20:51 ChrNo M btw
07/01/2008 17:21:02 ChrNo M since when you have brian msn ? you never mentioned it before
07/01/2008 17:21:27 M ChrNo uhh
07/01/2008 17:21:38 M ChrNo just now?
07/01/2008 17:21:42 ChrNo M what ? XD
07/01/2008 17:22:17 M ChrNo why?
07/01/2008 17:22:51 ChrNo M wondering
07/01/2008 17:23:02 ChrNo M how could he tell you that
07/01/2008 17:23:28 M ChrNo well
07/01/2008 17:23:28 M ChrNo he needs someone to talk to
07/01/2008 17:24:12 ChrNo M but you never talked to him before XD
07/01/2008 17:24:27 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 17:24:37 M ChrNo he's nice
07/01/2008 17:25:10 ChrNo M i don't get how come he would talk to you lol
07/01/2008 17:25:15 ChrNo M and say
07/01/2008 17:25:21 ChrNo M "i like her" or something
07/01/2008 17:25:22 ChrNo M O.O
07/01/2008 17:25:48 M ChrNo he wanted to know if you removed him from your msn
07/01/2008 17:26:08 ChrNo M i didn't...
07/01/2008 17:26:21 M ChrNo he was worried about tha
07/01/2008 17:26:26 M ChrNo t
07/01/2008 17:26:31 ChrNo M jeez i was just taking a little fresh air, and both of them kept sending me mails XD
07/01/2008 17:26:42 M ChrNo then i asked him if there was a problem
07/01/2008 17:26:42 M ChrNo then he told me
07/01/2008 17:27:32 M ChrNo about it
07/01/2008 17:28:04 ChrNo M are you still talking to him right now ?
07/01/2008 17:28:19 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 17:28:30 M ChrNo asking him how he's doing
07/01/2008 17:28:35 ChrNo M GOMEN
07/01/2008 17:28:38 ChrNo M you are like
07/01/2008 17:28:44 ChrNo M nothing to do with that
07/01/2008 17:28:44 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 17:28:51 ChrNo M we are bothering you
07/01/2008 17:28:56 ChrNo M orz...
07/01/2008 17:29:06 M ChrNo before i was only worried about you and sh1
07/01/2008 17:29:17 M ChrNo now i have him to worry about too lol
07/01/2008 17:29:17 M ChrNo i feel old
07/01/2008 17:29:27 M ChrNo but it's ok
07/01/2008 17:33:24 M ChrNo have you read the translation for the maimi-nacchi single?
07/01/2008 17:34:46 ChrNo M do you think i had time for that XD
07/01/2008 17:35:01 M ChrNo no
07/01/2008 17:35:11 M ChrNo but it's funny XD
07/01/2008 17:37:18 M ChrNo
07/01/2008 17:37:18 M ChrNo read it XD
07/01/2008 17:38:51 ChrNo M alright :P
07/01/2008 17:41:56 ChrNo M diner !
07/01/2008 17:41:58 ChrNo M brb :P
07/01/2008 17:55:04 ChrNo M duh
07/01/2008 17:55:11 ChrNo M my time for the dishes xD
07/01/2008 17:55:19 ChrNo M and there are a lot -_-
07/01/2008 17:55:24 M ChrNo you washed them?
07/01/2008 17:55:28 ChrNo M after that i'll get a shwoer
07/01/2008 17:55:34 ChrNo M don't know if youll still bet tthere
07/01/2008 17:55:38 ChrNo M not yet XD
07/01/2008 17:55:38 M ChrNo yeah
07/01/2008 17:55:41 ChrNo M just finsihed eating
07/01/2008 17:55:47 M ChrNo i'm going in a few mins
07/01/2008 17:55:55 ChrNo M alright then
07/01/2008 17:56:00 ChrNo M godd night mike
07/01/2008 17:56:10 ChrNo M sorry to have bother you with my problms
07/01/2008 17:56:20 ChrNo M hope you don't worry too much
07/01/2008 17:56:23 ChrNo M :)
07/01/2008 17:56:29 ChrNo M see you tomorow
07/01/2008 17:56:31 ChrNo M and
07/01/2008 17:56:34 ChrNo M don't be late XD
07/01/2008 17:56:50 M ChrNo ok:yosh:
07/01/2008 18:08:58 M ChrNo `alright
07/01/2008 18:08:58 M ChrNo 5 hour sleep here i come
07/01/2008 18:09:09 ChrNo M i slept 3 hours
07/01/2008 18:09:10 ChrNo M lol
07/01/2008 18:09:18 ChrNo M and yesturday was 4
07/01/2008 18:09:20 ChrNo M i think
07/01/2008 18:09:29 M ChrNo byerskukuku
07/01/2008 18:09:34 ChrNo M i waited untill i collapse
07/01/2008 18:09:40 M ChrNo see you in a few hours lol
07/01/2008 18:09:43 ChrNo M yeah XD
07/01/2008 18:09:47 ChrNo M good night
07/01/2008 18:09:52 M ChrNo you too

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RE : Love triangle

@ChrNo : My aunt love this song ! and yes i've been into some kind of love triangle
@h2o : i'm pretty sure there are shonen or at least seinen that talk about love triangle ;)
@Julian : Jen has done a nice job
@hydroxide : oho you like numbers huh that's cool ! i've been in situation 525 : two guys love me and i have a boyfriend, the other guy hoping to get me. And this made a lot of changes in my life.

I met Little Boy in May 2007 who was a Miyabi wota, we started to chat a lot about Miya at first, he even said that we couldn't be friends if Miya wasn't here. But we started to get along pretty well so we continued our daily chat until sh15uya, my boyfriend, wanted me to stop. Instead of stopping, i hide the fact that we were keeping in touch by MSN, with an email account sh1 didn't know.

Later, around Xmas, i bought my own computer (a laptop) and i could have internet at home. There, i kept spending my time chatting with Little Boy and we became closer. He didn't mention much about himself until what we called the "confession time".

A lot of things happen between the fact that i simply talk to him and when sh15uya decided to send him and email that really didn't help those two to be friends.

As for sh1 and me, it became harder and harder to be a couple, we talked less, i spamed my other friends while i was at sh1's house, usually i would have cut the sound, and for the first time we had a fight. the argument was about our privacy and Little Boy, i reported everything i said in a email.

What i didn't know is that sh1 could check my mail. it wasn't the first time tho, something similar happend earlier but let's keep on the main problem : sh1 and i had to take a break...

Love Triangle

ChrNo : Last day i was watching old videos of Berryz and i stopped on Koi no jubaku (love's spell), you guys can find the lyrics there

and i noticed how Risako and Miyabi look at eachother, like rival, and then i remember the lyrics was about love triangle ! have you ever been in that kind of situation ?

Victor : hehehe...i can say yes in that one i think he he he

h2o : i only read that in mangas and dramas so i don't know much, i'm not an only-shoujou reader too.

Julian : i don't know what it's like, but what do you call a love-triangle ?

Jen : Love triangle huh... well i think it depends on the situation...i love reading mangas too, so there is one i remember where one guy and one girl love another guy, i think that can be called love triangle, but the most seen is two girls aiming for one guy, or two guys aiming for one girl, and you can also have one girl that can not decide which guy she wants, also i guess you can have A B C, and so A->B, B->C, C->A.

Hydroxide : Love triangle ? hehe i would say 525, 235, 126, 679, 124, 123

When daigong is up-right...


Re: IRC : Relive the Moment Pt.3!
« Reply #267 on: 18-04-2008, 15:46:10 »

Quote from: Britney Spears - Lucky
Early morning, she wakes up, knock knock knock on the door...

[08:24] 'shirenight' ANATAAA TO NO JIKAAAAN
[08:24] 'AsmoRevolution21' MORNING SHI!
[08:24] 'shirenight' morning!!
[08:25] 'shurastriker' hello
[08:25] 'KT_volution21' hi SHI!
[08:25] 'daigong' SUP SHI
[08:26] 'MimuyaS' hi shi
[08:26] 'Flypvolution21' hey shi~
[08:26] 'tenkei' hi shirelove!
[08:26] 'daigong' THRILLER MAN
[08:26] 'daigong' THRILLER!!
[08:26] 'OdangoRevolution21' THRILLER
[08:27] 'tenkei' thriller FFOOOOOOO~!!
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' why do you want to kill her Oo
[08:27] 'Flypvolution21' hahahahah thriller
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' poor shirenu
[08:27] *** DaViNCHI has quit (Ping timeout)
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' just woke up and poeple already wants to do her
[08:27] * AsmoRevolution21 moonwalks
[08:27] 'Jab|BT' hehe rina played this i think
[08:27] 'shurastriker' isn´t full moon today?
[08:28] 'shurastriker' tonight
[08:28] 'AsmoRevolution21' it is a full moon
[08:28] 'Jab|BT' SARI!
[08:28] 'MimuyaS' no my pants are just down for no reason.
[08:28] 'tenkei' i can moonwalk Shocked
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' MimuyzS so you are the leader !
[08:28] 'AsmoRevolution21' you'll have to teach me tenkei
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' you are the leader of the doing shirenu group Oo
[08:28] 'shurastriker' i did thriller in kinder
[08:28] 'MimuyaS' MimuyzS?
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' shirenu alrezady knows she is nude... poor her
[08:29] 'shurastriker' wanna be a zombie
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' i see
[08:29] 'shirenight' hi CHRNO! !
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' shirenu was suicide
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' that's why she is still shirenight ! THRILLER
[08:31] 'AsmoRevolution21' I want to learn to do this sort of voice-over too
[08:31] 'ChrNo_' i i killed the chat ? i killed the cat ? i killed the kitty ? did i kill shirenu ?
[08:31] 'shirenight' I DON'T WANT YOUR CASH YO! CHANGE UR MIND!
[08:31] * daigong gives life to ChrNo's cat
[08:31] 'shirenight' dirty cash* ;_;
[08:31] 'daigong' EN VOGUE!
[08:31] 'daigong' CASH MONEY
[08:32] 'shurastriker' i want to do the evil laugh
[08:32] 'KT_volution21' the dance that jabbawockeez did to this song was awesome
[08:32] 'tenkei' werd
[08:32] 'ChrNo_' thank you en vogue sent yet but not reached yet so got nothing do it again ahem
[08:32] 'daigong' AHAHAHAHAHA

RE : Who is Chi ?

Communist Master of Ass

Re: IRC : Relive the Moment Pt.3!
« Reply #85 on: 03-09-2007, 11:11:35 »

The "outing" OF THE CENTURY!! only at JPH!P Chatroom:

'roninbuddha' CHRNO
'roninbuddha' wtf
'maliciel' maybe that's his sister
'maliciel' maybe he's not even male
'maliciel' so that's him?
'maliciel' or her?
'roninbuddha' taht's him
'maliciel' he crossdresses?
'roninbuddha' i think that's french fashion
'maliciel' with the hair?
'roninbuddha' lol dunno
'maliciel' i knew the french were..weird..but..really?
'maliciel' do you have a penis, chrno?
'JaisBane' it's a trap!
'ChrNo' would you believe me if i say 'no' ?
'maliciel' er..yes
'maliciel' because apparently you look female
'maliciel' maybe you ARE female
'maliciel' and we just thought you were male
'ChrNo' in this pic
'maliciel' in fact, why -did- we think you're male
'maliciel' you dont have a penis in that pic?
'maliciel' so you normally do?
'maliciel' do you seomthing like in bible black?
'roninbuddha' stfu mal
'aedon' chrno loves tama
'aedon' he has to be FEMALE
'aedon' lololol.
'roninbuddha' well if chrno IS female
'aedon' chrno, tell us the truth ;_;
'maliciel' because obviously the point was, IT HAS PENISES FROM HELL
'roninbuddha' why does he sound liek a little boy most of the time...
'aedon' where's tama
'aedon' that would explain why chrno liked loveless too -_-
'roninbuddha' either way, i think im gay for chrno
'aedon' bwahaha
'JaisBane' chrno's french, that should explain everything
'maliciel' those fingers do look sorta masculine
'roninbuddha' im confused!
'aedon' im heawtbwoken!
* aedon runs away crying
'maliciel' either way
'maliciel' that's a nasty trick you're pulling, chrno
'maliciel' and now i sleep/
* maliciel has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
'Tanier' HAHAa
'nachdenki' lol
'roninbuddha' fess up chrno
'KoolKat' Aww wtf I missed it?
'JaisBane' I killed the chat
'KoolKat' mal's gonna have a nice dream about a shemale ChrNo tonight
'JaisBane' ronin too
'KoolKat' He's been habing taht forever now
'KoolKat' wtf
'KoolKat' having that
'daigong' did somebody say shemales?
'roninbuddha' :O
'daigong' Ah, I feel 2 lbs lighter
'KoolKat' TMI
'daigong' man, we need Baldie in here
'daigong' :(
'KoolKat' Your shemale love scared him away
'aedon' we need someone to examine chrno!
'KoolKat' Now he needs a vagina too for you to love him again
'aedon' then again, i <3 nakamura ataru ._.
'roninbuddha' ill do it :D
'KoolKat' See, ChrNo?
'KoolKat' Tols ya~
'ChrNo' xD
'roninbuddha' knew what?
'aedon' that chrno is shemale :|
'KoolKat' Huh?
'KoolKat' WHAT
'roninbuddha' O_O
'aedon' !!!1111
'KoolKat' USOTSUKEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
'roninbuddha' Chrno is a female
'aedon' dem girls love yossi.. and tama
'KoolKat' ... :|
'KoolKat' Hey you're a girl too
'aedon' who?
'aedon' lolol
'KoolKat' YOU
'aedon' ah
'KoolKat' No?
'aedon' well, yeah
'aedon' -_-

Not a girl...not yet a...

Welcome Hydroxide and thanks for the question. You are right about the grammar, poeple seem to find it easier than French, and i think it's funnier. About the gender ? hehehe it's not me who introduce the people here, so i'm not supposed to know it... who knows if i do or not :p There is also another interest to use English, one good exemple was in the logs i post. You might find out more later ! But the main reason i wrote in English is because i love it. English is like a melody, i learnt my English thanks to Britney Spears' songs, and school of course. Talking about songs, here is a cover of One of Britney's :

I used to think
I had the answers to everythings
But now I know
It doesn't always
Come my way

Feels like it's cought in the middle
That's when i realize
I need to be patient
And to be alone of course

I'm not a boy not yet a wota
All I see is Me
Is the mirror broken ?
I'm not a boy !

I'm just a teenager who just discovered it
and now i know it means something new
Something that i could only imagine
Something my parents know before

I'm not a boy I'm just trying to find a wota in me
It should be stronger that yesturday
Seize the day and you will know the answer
wota is boy&girl

Monday, May 12, 2008

RE : Why English ?

Hydroxide : Hi there, i've been reading this blog for a while now, and i'd like to ask Mii if the interest of chosing English was because of the advantage that grammar can give you, such as : not knowing the gender. i'm just asking that since i noticed Mii would comment with the name and not with She nor He

Victor : hahaha that sounds familiar

ChrNo : people thought i was a guy until i break the silence after one year on jphip !!! and only because koibito wanted me to do so, afraid of people calling him a gay XD

h2o : lol i never said i was a boy nor a girl either, and one day because some of my friends i met on wanted me to post my picture, i wanted to make something cool, so i tried a puzzle of my face and that's how they discovered i was a girl. The one who made the first puzzle was L-San, the second puzzle was ayu4eva, who is actually my boyfriend :p

Jen : Aaaah, i didn't have the choice to make people wonder if i'm a girl or a boy, my mum and dad wanted a girl hahaha but today i can play with my body and make myself androgynous !

Julian : Jen that must be awesome :o


If you,

Some People here,

can not see why i was doing this,

don't you think it meant : some one else doesn't get anything at all neither ?


there are others like you, that doesn't get it, but

Some Others can get it , don't you think the one who is trying to make THE ONLY ON HERE that should get it,

What does it means ?

That means that ONE, never got what it was there, never got from what it was, and never got what he might not get right now, that will be got,

and then


the one that was tryin hard, just found someone else,

to show one, that there is never someone, that can't get what it was proved .


if you keep erasing what the one want to prove


let me put that in the last log, if you may , because, it's something serious, but i don't name it, so i don't see why i can't get to post here, since a forum is made to be posted a post. Thank You for your com-pre-ronpretion

[20:52:53] Jérémy a dit : t'est plus là ?
[22:46:25] exenwhy a dit : toujours la ?
[22:46:50] Jérémy a dit : and why can you forgive me ?
[22:47:01] Jérémy a dit : ups bug ca affiché l'ancien mess xD
[22:47:10] Jérémy a dit : oui tjrs là comme tu peut voir
[22:47:12] exenwhy a dit : because you understand when im good, you kno< hen im bad, and you will keep playing that game with me
[22:47:19] exenwhy a dit : even if you only see me once a year
[22:48:05] Jérémy a dit : ok ok
[22:48:06] Jérémy a dit : et donc
[22:48:10] exenwhy a dit : donc
[22:48:12] exenwhy a dit : hhahha
[22:48:19] Jérémy a dit : tu t'est fait ban du coup ou pas ?
[22:48:24] exenwhy a dit : bah nen :p
[22:48:30] exenwhy a dit : parce que jai changer de perso entre temps lol
[22:48:32] exenwhy a dit : donc
[22:48:34] exenwhy a dit : tu vois au debut
[22:48:35] Jérémy a dit : echec de la mission ?
[22:48:39] exenwhy a dit : jai poster un autre truc
[22:48:40] Jérémy a dit : oulà
[22:48:41] exenwhy a dit : mai ke en anglais
[22:48:43] exenwhy a dit : apres
[22:48:43] exenwhy a dit : forcement
[22:48:48] exenwhy a dit : yen a ca leur plai pas
[22:48:52] exenwhy a dit : dc bah je conntinu
[22:48:56] exenwhy a dit : et comem ta pu le voir
[22:48:58] exenwhy a dit : c encore la
[22:49:01] exenwhy a dit : et pourkoi ?
[22:49:11] Jérémy a dit : oui pourquoi ?
[22:49:19] exenwhy a dit : parce que ce cretin a qui je veu fr comprendre que si je sais ce que je veu je finirai par montre koi ?
[22:50:16] Jérémy a dit : oui ?
[22:50:23] exenwhy a dit : oui a quoi ?
[22:50:42] Jérémy a dit : ben je sais pas t'as phrase fini par un point d'interrogation j'att la suite
[22:51:00] exenwhy a dit : et bah voil tas tout compri ^^
[22:51:26] Jérémy a dit : euh... ouais enfin...ouais je sais pas xD
[22:52:02] Jérémy a dit : ca veut dire qu'on aura la réponse bientot ? que ya pas de réponse ? que je suis trop débilos pour comprendre ce que tu essaie de me dire ?
[22:52:12] exenwhy a dit : lessentiel : est dis des le debut : mais tu ne le voi pas, alors tu regarde tous les chemin proposer, tu ne voi pas: tu peu pas savoir ce que tu a vu ou pas : tu peu pas savoir quand estce quil y a une suite : et la ?
[22:53:01] Jérémy a dit : là c'est pire xD
[22:53:22] Jérémy a dit : hey je suis en professionnel pas en enseignement supérieur vas y molo j'ai un cerveau lent moi
[22:53:33] Jérémy a dit : (pas ceux que tu vois voler hein ?)
[22:53:53] exenwhy a dit : et bah voila tu me montre encore que ta tout compris ^^
[22:54:49] Jérémy a dit : et bien je sais pas que j'ai compris alors xD
[22:55:12] Jérémy a dit : ca veux dire que je suis teubé ?
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