Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday Miyabi !

Yeah ! Today (well yesturday now in Japan) is Miyabi's birthday ! let's celebrate !

here is a part of the latest Miyabi drawing i made, the full one is on jphip ! go check if you want. I think i'll post more drawing here from now on to keep my blog living hehe (^^)"

h2o : wooaaa really nice !!! and i saw the jphip one too ! Queen Miyabi ! good job ChrNo ! and Happy Birthday to you Miyabi-chan !

Hydroxide : well done ! it's just so like her ! Happy Bday Miyabi !

Julian : i don't know what to say O_O

Victor : he he he...

Jen : awesome ! keep it up ChrNo i want to see more drawings ! and Happy birthday Miya :3
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