Saturday, September 6, 2008

Suki ! C'est qui ? Daisuki ! -> Buono !

ChrNo : that title was the best i've ever found...too bad it was deleted from the forum ;_;

h2o : it sounds cute but why was it deleted ?

Julian : awww that's sad. what does the title mean ?

Hydroxide : i guess it's a pun again ?

Victor : Suki Sugite Baka Mitai...he he he he...

Jen : Yeah, it was a little pun with japanese "suki" and french "c'est qui" which sound almost the same. "suki" means like, and "c'est qui" means who is it. ChrNo drew a painting with the groupe Buono! without their face so ChrNo could play with "c'est qui ?". Buono! is one of those H!P subgroup with Miyabi Airi and Momoko. There was this magazine back at the time of their single Renai Rider, the title was "Suki suki Daisuki ! Buono!". As they explain it themself, "buono" means good, tasty in italian. The mod in the jphip forum removed it so it can be like other thread, just the official buono thread and not some crazy title like the Captain one "She is tiny and fits in your pocket" or something like that. it was cute ^^

ChrNo : Buono!Man !

h2o : the drawing is cute !

Julian : but why is there a duck there ?

Hydroxide : it's a not a duck but the Kappa hahahaha i guess it represents Airi chan who is looking for the Kappa

Victor : cute he he he he...

Jen : oh and momo in a peach form xD
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