Sunday, February 28, 2010



i just had to do something with that fish costume...

At first i had one idea for Valentine's day, Miya in that fish costume, in Momo's fishshop, and all the other berryz in different manly outfits trying to catch their Valentine haha... well that was because of the lyrics of Watashi no mirai no danna sama where they sing :  bonkure shogatsu VALENTINE
hitori de sugoshitakunai
watashi no mirai no danna-sama
dokka ni mejirushi wo tsukete
aruite chodai
  which can be translated to : Christmas, New year, and Valentine's
Are the times I don't want to be alone
So I beg to you my future husband
Please come find me and somehow give me a sign
that you are my love
  and by the way, how Miya sings the word "Chodai" is just incredibly sensual...   so when i thought "fish" the idea of some barbecue came...but since it was about Miya being the attention of the week, i thought something like "princess"...or more about some goddess worshiping...there came the image of Jack Sparrow being some kind of god then get prepared to be eaten by those native Caribbeans from Pirates of the Caribbeans 2 and here we get it. Then i was just too lazy to draw those cannibals, so i thought of those Patapon characters, which are just so awesome, and totally fit the atmosphere...and voil√†.  So we get at first the impression that she is their goddess, and Miya being completely oblivious of the situation =D 
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