Monday, March 8, 2010

Momoko's 18th BDay

I don't know if any of you have watched  Berryz工房 - 友達は友達なんだ!PV yet, but for the ones who did, i'm sure you would agree that the moment where Momo is left alone on the beach is really beautiful...

I guess i just had to portray that scene... On March 6th 2010, it was Momoko's 18th birthday...i know it should be a happy day for her, but i kinda felt sad that Tama-sama who was an enthusiastic Momowota didn't show up in her thread...

At least other Momowotas like nach celebrated it like 10 hahaha

In addition to that : SHE IS LEGAL NOW !

haha which means something special on jph!p...

it means you could say something like :
"Momo wotas buy 3 copies of each of her photobooks
- one to scan
- one to stare at
- one to w*** at"

i'll let you guess what's the last word is kukukuku...

Anyway i really hope you had a great day Momo !

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