Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are Buono!

Earlier today i watched "We are Buono! " live Dvd i bought, and posted on jph!p about it :

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Re: The Buono! Thread (ボーノ)

« Reply #184 on: Today at 11:29:23 AM »
Just watched We are Buono dvd

may i say it's their best concert.

with Tabidachi no Uta as ending, i'm thinking that buono might actually end here. "We are Buono!" is unforgettable. H!p is going in some other way now with those three girls.

3 girls, 3 centers, 3 albums= <3

Miya has Ex-ceed, momoko and airi will have something new too probably.

Buono!, best H!P unit ever for me.


One of the best part was obviously the Tiger outfit stripping part, but not only that, the wotas and Dolce were awesome too, the camera man did a good job. Everything was almost just perfect for me.

as for the Tiger outfit, i spent some times looking for a great Miya stripping pose, even asked for a guy to know what stripping is all about... here is what i drew :

couldn't really post it on jphip, 'cause i didn't feel it was the best Miya pose i could find...

another thing about We are Buono! : a 4Koma :

yes unforgettable...

h2o : i completly agree with you there ChrNo !  Damn i just saw there is a Buono! Best Of, looks like Buono! might really be over after their Rock 'n Buono! 3 concert but like you said <3 !

Julian : i watched the disc2, the girls are just so funny even if i don't get a word XD
momoko seemed to be kinda upset at some point XD don't remember lol...damn my poor memory XD

Victor : indeed XXX

Hydroxide : hey it's been a while but i believe in Buono!, they are going to be great during their last fanclub concert if that is their last, they just can't vanish like this at that point...

Jen : Aa!...
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