Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy BDay sh15uya

It's a bit early, but in fact on the other side of the world like in Japan it's already April 22nd, so i wanted to be the first to create the thread in the forum, that's why i didn't wait 22nd in my timezone ku ku ku

At first i wanted to draw Lee Hyori with the clown from Swing, but it was kinda depressing and the clown is really creepy...then i saw that pic of her half naked covered by a panel saying "Made in Korea", and i thought about just ps-ing the panel and put "Happy Bday" on it...then it was like a bit too simple... i really wanted to draw something so......another funny/sexy/suggesting idea would be drawing a bed and write on it "wish you were here" hahahaha...obviously that wasn't a good idea...
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