Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Berryz工房 Advance War

March 3rd was Berryz' 6th anniversary, and on the same day, their 22nd double A side single 友達は友達なんだ!/雄叫びボーイ WAO! was released.

I already mentioned tomodachi pv in my previous post, how lonely yet lovely Momo was (obviously, the other girls were lovely as well).

I wanted to draw them in their pink camo outfit for quite some times now, at first i thought "let's do something simple ! how about pixel art with their ascii face used on 2ch !". But since pixel art is everything but simple, it took me a lot of time lol...

The idea of the old school game menu came when i was about to hit 1337 posts, which would change into LEET, but looks like since the update of the forum it hasn't been working...

If you wonder what the Top number is, i guess you should watch the Hello!Project Winter 2006 concert kukuku
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