Sunday, August 8, 2010


So there is now a new child forum on jph!p, the Pairing one !
I'm now going to post a lot in that MiyaSaki thread, because i simply love that couple more than any MiyaRisako or MiyaChinami or even MiyaAiri...

My old youtube channel was deleted, there were some miya captain love there, but oh well i can create another account right ?

now i want to spread that spirit of loveness in the MiyaHime world ~

At first i wanted to make a super drawing but as tired as i am i can't really do something spectacular so i'll do with that simple drawing of Miya and Captain from their latest single Maji Bomber!! if you look at the cover, the girls really are wonderful, all of them. but hell today is MiyaCaptain's day ! ^^

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