Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes Tiger year yeah

ChrNo : Hey guyz, i guess it is time to show a pic of myself haha
i've also posted that on jph!p but you need to be registered in there to see this part so i'll just post the same here with the puns, if someone can get them i'll be happy hehe

fucking year of the tiger GAO !!!!

gao ? dog ? nooooooooooo

tron fuuu !!!!!!

* ChrNo meowthes yes that's right !

h2o : wow lol
isn't gao the way your Miyabi does the sound of a tiger ?

Julian : wtf meowth XD

Victor : tron fuuking yah

Hydroxide : really nice shirt btw

Jen : tron fuu lol indeed...and gao, gao means dog in cantonese, and tron fuu means to suffer...
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