Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kokoro no tamago

ChrNo : hey guys check out the c/w too ! the song and the lyrics are so cool ! bery wonderful haha
Victor : he he he...kitto...hop...step...JUMP ! Syrop whiped...cream...yummy ! i like it
h2o : kokoro no tamago ? heart's egg ? woo lyrics sound intersting !
Julian : i like the group, the girls are really really cute ! i watched the single video on youtube, it was kinda weird at first xD
espacially the part where they look like playing guitar lol and when the tiny one screamd BAKAYAROOOOOOOO hahaha i fell down from my chair

She looks so weird and cute and pricelessly stupid that i like her lol but i like the others too, the one with an akward outfit is very cute. The one with pink shirt is beautiful, she looks older than the others, she must be the oldest right ? (and she has a kinda long face haha)

Jen : i liked the song, kokoro no tamago, untill i read Victor's post and i must say : DAMN IT I HATE YOU!!! DUH...XD...;_;
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