Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RE : Honto no jibum

Honto no jibum is a a pun made my ChrNo once. Only people who are on the chat jph!p chatroom would have seen it. Actually, only people in the chat that care about the hello!project kids would have noticed. Victor knows ChrNo from the chat, and the jibum part.

Honto no jibun is a Japanese singers group : BUONO!'s song, first single.
"bum", well, i let you guys find out what it mean.

ChrNo love that pun because ChrNo was always called "you bum" first mentioned by LittleBoy, when ChrNo would say something silly chatting with Safe, wait no it's Seifuu..err...oh well find the kanji yourself lol

Victor kwows the pun because Victor is in the chatroom and saw ChrNo made what was tought as a simple typo.

h2o knows it was japanese because h2o is in jpopmusic forum and knows some romaji.

Julian knows h2o but have absolutly no idea of what is written, Julian just didn't notice Julian leart something and didn't know it yet.

Jen knows there is a meaning somewhere in the title because of the informations we got just here by the others but don't know what yet. So Jen is expecting some explanation from Mii because she knows Mii is the kinda persone that would think about something interesting for someone that doesn't know everthing about Mii right now and would just see it as a simple title for a random blog.

what i wanted to show here is that something might be obvious for one might not be obvious for others.

Like you might not see right now, that there will be a lot of things that can be explain later on just everything i've written myself.
It's obvious, because i know it, might not be obvious for you, well i just hope know that you understand why i can tell you, what i just said.

If you don't understand , tell me, ask me, make a joke, just any sign that shows me what you might think about it, because i might just think the same.

But it will be discussed later.

those latest sentences means :

"Write your opinion please"
"Laisser un commentaire au passage merci !"

Again, everything written above or what i'm writting right now, of what i'm goin to write later, will be writter...later :p

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