Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who is Chi ?

ChrNo : Aww goodnight Jen !
i'll wait for Mii-san's explanation then, by the way, here is my profile (copy pasted from jphip)

Name/AKA: ChrNo, Chi
Age: 19
Birthdate: July 1987
Location: Paris
Gender: 3rd
Bloodtype: I don't know
Favorite Morning Musume Member: ...Eri
Favorite Generation: i don't know...but i'll say 4th
Favorite Hello! Project Member: err....
Favorite Graduated Hello! Project or Morning Musume Member: She didn't graduate but Mari Yaguchi
Favorite Hello! Project Group/Subgroup[ please specify generation]: Berryz Koubou
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Song [ONE ONLY]: I admire you guys who can chose one...
Absolute Favorite Morning Musume Song [ONE ONLY]: Same here...but 'ill say Shabondama
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Album [ONE ONLY]: ?
Turn-Ons: err... tama-sama :p
Turn-Offs: brother...
When I Drop My Pants, I am wearing someting i don't know how it's called ...
Favorite Music Genre: everything that doesn't kill my ears
Favorite TV Show/Movie: i don't have any...
Favorite Entertainer (singer, actor, comedian, pornstar, athlete, idol, etc.): Berryz Koubou at the moment
Favorite Geek Item: My tablet
Absolute Favorite Color: Blue
Absolute Favorite Food: i admire you guys who can chose one

@h2o : i hope you are alone in your room if you don't want anyone to see it lol As for me i don't mind showing what i do and what i watch at home so everyone know I LOVE MIYABI !!! hahaha

there are a lot more video of buono! and about Miyabi too, because it's not the only group featuring Miya ! Actually it's going to be long to explain but she is part of a really big japanese pop music group check out the forum to have more informations if you guys want, you will see my posts and all and there are a thread for each girl ! really well made forum i really like !

Victor : he he he...don't worry, h2o lives in a closet ;) 3rd gender ? interesting...

h2o : WHAT CLOSET LOL ! ok...i admit i'm a closet fan because i don't want people around me know i like the h!pworld and Mari, they are going to find me weird...T_T but i mention her everytime someone at school asks me who is the girl in my diary cause i put some pics of her in it so actually people know she is an idol but they don't want to know more anyway...Aright i'm going to bed too and thanks for the links ChrNo ! Night !

Julian : Night h2o ! And what do you mean by closet fan ? i looked at it in dictionary and it sounds a bit weird lol there is a lot of meaning for closet..oh ! i remember Eminem's song "i'm cleaning out my closet" @_@ i feel so stupid now xD i feel completly out of place rofl...i guess i should go to bed least i know where it is XD goodnight !
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