Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RE : Honto no jibun

Mmh thank you Jen, You make me feel so smart tonight haha

alright, let's see what we have here :

ChrNo pasted the links for a forum and the lyrics of the song I mentioned, because ChrNo is into Buono! and like to talk about it.
That also show me ChrNo understood what I explained in my previous post. ChrNo pasted the links because ChrNo realised that everyone here might not have checked themself, ChrNo saw I didn't past any link, and wanted everyone to read the lyrics.

But, ChrNo didn't past the lyrics, just a link to it, and didn't past a link to download the song, it was obvious for ChrNo that the other would check.

About the link of the forum, isn't obvious an entire forum can not be posted here, even if ChrNo did, I would have deleted it...So , who knows if I didn't ?

Victor might be refering to what ChrNo said but also to the word "ChrNo" (such as chrono)

h2o just discovered something new and is filled with enthusiasm. h2o knows the world of jpop, since h2o is in

Julian went to look at the blog or lyrics because Julian's comment was on the pictures, which you can see on the lyrics page, or in the blog. Who knows if Julian has checked the jphip forum.

Jen is saying that Victor sounds wrong because Jen can see some other part of what Victor said, if you know what i mean...that mean you got it.

Moreover, by writting just "tell why", it wasn't only refering to what Jen said Jenself, but might expect me that i would write something about the others too (which i did as you can see)

this last sentence means : i read your answers and i know you understood mine. But there are still hiden things you don't see yet. just like Jen :
Jen showed me Jen can see what is hiden behind Victor's post, but might not notice Jen's post has a hiden meaning too -> using "that" it might refering to what Victor or the others said just above, or refering to everything mentioned till the begining.

What i wanted to show here, it's of course another example of what i wrote before but also that everyone want to get to know eachother more.

How can I tell you that ?

Again, i can explain everything I just wrote myself...later :p since it's 00:26 i'm going to sleep. Good night every one.
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