Thursday, April 17, 2008

RE : Kokoro no tamago

ChrNo : you hate Victor ? O_o why lol

@Julian : IT'S MIYABI AND SHE IS NOT THE OLDEST (and does not have a long face T_________T)
actually she is the middle one in age, the youngest is Airi, it's the one with white shirt, the older is Momoko, the tiny one. and since we are in confession time : I LOVE MIYABI !!!
the others are cute but Miya is wonderful he he
the part where they play guitar in the air i love it too, in their first performence on dohhhuup it was almost only focus on Miyabi hu hu

h2o : When she screamed Bakayarou i laught so hard 'cause i thought she was refering to me who looked so stupid in front of them xD i just hope no one can see my stupid face right now lol btw the part you guys are talking about it's called "Air guitar" ;)

Julian : So Miyabi is not only middle of the covers for no reason. Air Guitar huh interesting...but they kinda look dumb xD i wonder why they didn't give them real guitar ? or maybe they might just look even more dumb because they don't know how to play hahaha oh at least i know their name now, and it's going to be easy to say who is who but i don't know if i will be able to place the name XD i think i even have a problem remembering them aaaah...

Victor : he he he...don't worry Jen i love you too.

Jen : ChrNo i think Mii will explain it later since Mii is alseep right now, and i really don't want to talk about it myself lol i think you don't want to know it...duh i'm going to sleep too, i really don't want to read another comment from Victor. Night everyone.
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