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Re: IRC : Relive the Moment Pt.3!
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The "outing" OF THE CENTURY!! only at JPH!P Chatroom:

'roninbuddha' CHRNO
'roninbuddha' wtf
'maliciel' maybe that's his sister
'maliciel' maybe he's not even male
'maliciel' so that's him?
'maliciel' or her?
'roninbuddha' taht's him
'maliciel' he crossdresses?
'roninbuddha' i think that's french fashion
'maliciel' with the hair?
'roninbuddha' lol dunno
'maliciel' i knew the french were..weird..but..really?
'maliciel' do you have a penis, chrno?
'JaisBane' it's a trap!
'ChrNo' would you believe me if i say 'no' ?
'maliciel' er..yes
'maliciel' because apparently you look female
'maliciel' maybe you ARE female
'maliciel' and we just thought you were male
'ChrNo' in this pic
'maliciel' in fact, why -did- we think you're male
'maliciel' you dont have a penis in that pic?
'maliciel' so you normally do?
'maliciel' do you seomthing like in bible black?
'roninbuddha' stfu mal
'aedon' chrno loves tama
'aedon' he has to be FEMALE
'aedon' lololol.
'roninbuddha' well if chrno IS female
'aedon' chrno, tell us the truth ;_;
'maliciel' because obviously the point was, IT HAS PENISES FROM HELL
'roninbuddha' why does he sound liek a little boy most of the time...
'aedon' where's tama
'aedon' that would explain why chrno liked loveless too -_-
'roninbuddha' either way, i think im gay for chrno
'aedon' bwahaha
'JaisBane' chrno's french, that should explain everything
'maliciel' those fingers do look sorta masculine
'roninbuddha' im confused!
'aedon' im heawtbwoken!
* aedon runs away crying
'maliciel' either way
'maliciel' that's a nasty trick you're pulling, chrno
'maliciel' and now i sleep/
* maliciel has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
'Tanier' HAHAa
'nachdenki' lol
'roninbuddha' fess up chrno
'KoolKat' Aww wtf I missed it?
'JaisBane' I killed the chat
'KoolKat' mal's gonna have a nice dream about a shemale ChrNo tonight
'JaisBane' ronin too
'KoolKat' He's been habing taht forever now
'KoolKat' wtf
'KoolKat' having that
'daigong' did somebody say shemales?
'roninbuddha' :O
'daigong' Ah, I feel 2 lbs lighter
'KoolKat' TMI
'daigong' man, we need Baldie in here
'daigong' :(
'KoolKat' Your shemale love scared him away
'aedon' we need someone to examine chrno!
'KoolKat' Now he needs a vagina too for you to love him again
'aedon' then again, i <3 nakamura ataru ._.
'roninbuddha' ill do it :D
'KoolKat' See, ChrNo?
'KoolKat' Tols ya~
'ChrNo' xD
'roninbuddha' knew what?
'aedon' that chrno is shemale :|
'KoolKat' Huh?
'KoolKat' WHAT
'roninbuddha' O_O
'aedon' !!!1111
'KoolKat' USOTSUKEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
'roninbuddha' Chrno is a female
'aedon' dem girls love yossi.. and tama
'KoolKat' ... :|
'KoolKat' Hey you're a girl too
'aedon' who?
'aedon' lolol
'KoolKat' YOU
'aedon' ah
'KoolKat' No?
'aedon' well, yeah
'aedon' -_-
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