Monday, May 19, 2008


ChrNo : @h2o : water ? Oo mean your nickname ? XD
i like my nickname too, it's from Chrno Crusade, i'm sure Mii-san can tell you more about it :p

h2o : hehe, well people like to ask me why i chose water, i always answer "because i love it, i can't live without it"

ChrNo : " i can't live without you " ! this is the title of one berryz koubou song ! it's actually their first single ! awesome and Miya owns there ! i love this song here is the link for the video

also check the special perf with Miya Risako and Captain !

oh and what about you guys' nick ?

Julian : i like Julian MacMahon from Nip/tuck, the famous Christian Troy...i guess i kinda wish i was like him lol...

Victor : Rina-the-robot gave it to me on the jphip chatroom, ChrNo was there too he he, some people wanted to call me George...Nespresso...what else ? :p i don't care about my names, i like Nick :p

Jen : i was too lazy to find one hahaha

Hydroxide : i wanted to change life so i change my name :p

Rien ne se perd, rien ne se créer, tout se transforme

btw, i edited the solo part of your little Captain dance ;)
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