Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When daigong is up-right...


Re: IRC : Relive the Moment Pt.3!
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Quote from: Britney Spears - Lucky
Early morning, she wakes up, knock knock knock on the door...

[08:24] 'shirenight' ANATAAA TO NO JIKAAAAN
[08:24] 'AsmoRevolution21' MORNING SHI!
[08:24] 'shirenight' morning!!
[08:25] 'shurastriker' hello
[08:25] 'KT_volution21' hi SHI!
[08:25] 'daigong' SUP SHI
[08:26] 'MimuyaS' hi shi
[08:26] 'Flypvolution21' hey shi~
[08:26] 'tenkei' hi shirelove!
[08:26] 'daigong' THRILLER MAN
[08:26] 'daigong' THRILLER!!
[08:26] 'OdangoRevolution21' THRILLER
[08:27] 'tenkei' thriller FFOOOOOOO~!!
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' why do you want to kill her Oo
[08:27] 'Flypvolution21' hahahahah thriller
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' poor shirenu
[08:27] *** DaViNCHI has quit (Ping timeout)
[08:27] 'ChrNo_' just woke up and poeple already wants to do her
[08:27] * AsmoRevolution21 moonwalks
[08:27] 'Jab|BT' hehe rina played this i think
[08:27] 'shurastriker' isn´t full moon today?
[08:28] 'shurastriker' tonight
[08:28] 'AsmoRevolution21' it is a full moon
[08:28] 'Jab|BT' SARI!
[08:28] 'MimuyaS' no my pants are just down for no reason.
[08:28] 'tenkei' i can moonwalk Shocked
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' MimuyzS so you are the leader !
[08:28] 'AsmoRevolution21' you'll have to teach me tenkei
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' you are the leader of the doing shirenu group Oo
[08:28] 'shurastriker' i did thriller in kinder
[08:28] 'MimuyaS' MimuyzS?
[08:28] 'ChrNo_' shirenu alrezady knows she is nude... poor her
[08:29] 'shurastriker' wanna be a zombie
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' i see
[08:29] 'shirenight' hi CHRNO! !
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' shirenu was suicide
[08:29] 'ChrNo_' that's why she is still shirenight ! THRILLER
[08:31] 'AsmoRevolution21' I want to learn to do this sort of voice-over too
[08:31] 'ChrNo_' i i killed the chat ? i killed the cat ? i killed the kitty ? did i kill shirenu ?
[08:31] 'shirenight' I DON'T WANT YOUR CASH YO! CHANGE UR MIND!
[08:31] * daigong gives life to ChrNo's cat
[08:31] 'shirenight' dirty cash* ;_;
[08:31] 'daigong' EN VOGUE!
[08:31] 'daigong' CASH MONEY
[08:32] 'shurastriker' i want to do the evil laugh
[08:32] 'KT_volution21' the dance that jabbawockeez did to this song was awesome
[08:32] 'tenkei' werd
[08:32] 'ChrNo_' thank you en vogue sent yet but not reached yet so got nothing do it again ahem
[08:32] 'daigong' AHAHAHAHAHA
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