Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not a girl...not yet a...

Welcome Hydroxide and thanks for the question. You are right about the grammar, poeple seem to find it easier than French, and i think it's funnier. About the gender ? hehehe it's not me who introduce the people here, so i'm not supposed to know it... who knows if i do or not :p There is also another interest to use English, one good exemple was in the logs i post. You might find out more later ! But the main reason i wrote in English is because i love it. English is like a melody, i learnt my English thanks to Britney Spears' songs, and school of course. Talking about songs, here is a cover of One of Britney's :

I used to think
I had the answers to everythings
But now I know
It doesn't always
Come my way

Feels like it's cought in the middle
That's when i realize
I need to be patient
And to be alone of course

I'm not a boy not yet a wota
All I see is Me
Is the mirror broken ?
I'm not a boy !

I'm just a teenager who just discovered it
and now i know it means something new
Something that i could only imagine
Something my parents know before

I'm not a boy I'm just trying to find a wota in me
It should be stronger that yesturday
Seize the day and you will know the answer
wota is boy&girl
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