Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kara ok ?

h2o : nice cover ChrNo ! and your lyrics are funny XD

Julian : i just looked at the lyrics on the project-hello site, it's not the same, you write them yourself ? wait i'm lost...again xD...

Jen : ChrNo must have composed it herself i guess ?

Victor : nice Chi...i might Ng you too hahahaha

Hydroxide : this is funny it's like there are 2 different voices

ChrNo : Thanks ! it was the first time i record myself singing like that, all with the flow fuu~ i felt so great after and i was surprised myself when i listened to it, i didn't know what i sung would mean something else than what i was reading...i can't really explain it Jen, but i just wrote what i heard

Jen : you were singing with all your heart we can hear it

h2o : hey guyz what about a coeur-ok ? :p

Hydroxide : well h2, we might need some chrono then :p

ChrNo : a karaoke ? yeah that's a great idea !

Julian : i don't know how to sing xD

ChrNo : it's ok it's just for the fun ! let's choose a song and since we are on honto no jibum, why not a buono! song ?

h2o : well ok but i don't know all of their songs haha

Victor : hum~ buono!...
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