Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RE : Love triangle

@ChrNo : My aunt love this song ! and yes i've been into some kind of love triangle
@h2o : i'm pretty sure there are shonen or at least seinen that talk about love triangle ;)
@Julian : Jen has done a nice job
@hydroxide : oho you like numbers huh that's cool ! i've been in situation 525 : two guys love me and i have a boyfriend, the other guy hoping to get me. And this made a lot of changes in my life.

I met Little Boy in May 2007 who was a Miyabi wota, we started to chat a lot about Miya at first, he even said that we couldn't be friends if Miya wasn't here. But we started to get along pretty well so we continued our daily chat until sh15uya, my boyfriend, wanted me to stop. Instead of stopping, i hide the fact that we were keeping in touch by MSN, with an email account sh1 didn't know.

Later, around Xmas, i bought my own computer (a laptop) and i could have internet at home. There, i kept spending my time chatting with Little Boy and we became closer. He didn't mention much about himself until what we called the "confession time".

A lot of things happen between the fact that i simply talk to him and when sh15uya decided to send him and email that really didn't help those two to be friends.

As for sh1 and me, it became harder and harder to be a couple, we talked less, i spamed my other friends while i was at sh1's house, usually i would have cut the sound, and for the first time we had a fight. the argument was about our privacy and Little Boy, i reported everything i said in a email.

What i didn't know is that sh1 could check my mail. it wasn't the first time tho, something similar happend earlier but let's keep on the main problem : sh1 and i had to take a break...
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