Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why English ?

English is an international language.

Why is it international ?

Without noticing it, ChrNo, Victor, h2o, Julian and Jen posted their comments in English.

ChrNo was the first to comment in English, assuming the one who created the blog knows English because of the title "honto no jibum". It doesn't matter how ChrNo found that blog, that simple title means a lot for ChrNo. So ChrNo expressed what ChrNo feels at that moment.

Next is Victor : Victor saw (the) meaning of the title too and knows ChrNo from the jphip chatroom, hense the fact Victor called ChrNo with the nick name ChrNo has in the chatroom : Chi. It doesn't matter how Victor knows it, Victor just knows ChrNo would understand English since they both have been communicating with English untill now.

As for h2o : To understand that it was not only Japanese romaji, h2o had to look for a translation of "jibum" and didn't know the word "bum". For h2o it didn't matter if it was a pun or not, but to know the signification of the word "jibum", h2o needs to understand some english to get that there was a pun, and that "jibum" is neither Japanese word neither an English word neither a simple typo.

Then it's Julian : how did Julian get here, again is not the matter right now, but by quoting h2o, Julian just wanted to express Julian knows a little part of the title, just like h2o, but they don't know what part of it they don't know (obvious now, isn't it?) so they feel the same : lost.
they share the feeling of being lost (in the game)

In the end, Jen : Jen mentioned the fact that Jen knows Mii, aka, myself, so Jen knows i know English, it doesn't matter here if Jen knows the meaning of the title or not. Also she knows what is behind that title might be interesting.

What does this mean : Everyone here know English, so they write in English without asking at first if I would be able to read and understand it, because they were assuming from the start, with their own point of view, that it was obvious that I would understand it.

Now, what is the interest of English here ?

As you can see by yourself, it's another question but a question which answer can also answer the first general question Why English ?

I'm sure you must have your own questions, and point of views on everything i wrote so far. I can assure you i put a lot of hints that might catch your attention, and make you ask questions, to yourself, or to me, or to everyone who already posted here.

Now go back to what i asked in the previous posted and maybe you might find yourself the answers of the previous questions i might have asked, and i will tell you if it's right or wrong.

Because you might think i know the answer, since i asked the question and tell you i would answer, which means i know everything already.

of course i do

I'm God



Again, i might sound repetitive but i can assure you, there is a lot of things i mentioned untill now, that will be used or justified, or just written because, i know it.

Serious talking is not healthy. So i'm going to stop for the moment, and let you read, think, write, because you need time for it, patience, curiosity, to understand everything i have written so far.

Alright, have fun, and don't take it too seriously (don't tell me letter i didn't warn you)

Ijou desu (^3^)


ps : i think i'm going to read a manga...
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