Friday, May 2, 2008

RE : Religion ? Science ? Philosophy ? Dream ?

ChrNo : O_o? well i believe in Miya and she brings me happyness !!!

Victor : he he he...i believe in It, and It brings me happyness ;)

h2o : I BELIEVE IN MARI !!! AND SHE BRINGS ME HAPPYNESS!!!!! (sorry for the caps xD)

Julian : lol h2 XD
i believe in something, and looks like something bring me happyness lol...sometimes...

Jen : guys are funny XD
Well, my HistoryGeography teacher back in highschool told us that she can't name what she believes in, because, it's like typoing when she said she didn't care if there were typos on our test about all countries of the world.

All she wanted was to know if, we, little ignorant and innocent studients had spent time to learn, just for the time she let us, which means 1month, and try not to forget untill the test, and we, little ingnorant and innocent studients, commerades, would succeed to write all of them.

But what she didn't tell to her ignorant and innocent studients, was, she didn't want her ignorant and innocent studients to spend their time, blindlesly going brainstorming with all those names and let them panic during 1 entire month, without looking, thinking about a way to try not to forget all of them, because, seriously, do you think lazy people like me would do that and wait till the test arrive ?

No lol, she knows it because she is a good teacher, and will not tell them everything she wants them to learn by themself. If she tells them, it is just so obvious for them, that they won't take time to think.

So what i discovered later was why she kept replying "no" when some commerade asked "do we have to learn capital city of the countries too ?" untill she said "if you guys keep asking me that, i will say yes" so people would just go freak out.

As for me, i did spent my entire month learning every countries in this world, but little by little because i was interested in it, curious about everything, even if, i know the test wasn't going to be about all countrie, my teacher said herself, she doesn't even know how many of them there are exactly, since the world map is constantly changing, it's never the same due to wars and all, but it didn't stop me, when my commerade told me "Hey Jen ! it's not all the world after all !!! it's just one continent ! So you know what ? you can take Africa, and i will take Asia ok ?"
"Ok, it's a deal !"
"Nice ! thank you !"

What Lucas didn't know when he asked me that, is that someone else would ask me the same XD but like
"Hey ! if i get Africa, and you get America let's trade"
"alright !"

So, well it wasn't a mistake to learn all of them lol

How do we know it was only continent and not the world ? well, some commerade failed the year before so they know that test already, and told that to everyone. So general panic changed to general trading and they went to learn only one continent, exept those, like me, lazy yet curious, or the geeks, would never say no to some knowledge. Even if, i know that after the test, i might forget some of them. But that is just normal and what i learnt from my teacher was :

Don't fallow blindly what i say, just because i'm your teacher, it doesn't mean i know everything, it just mean i'm a teacher :p
Since i don't know everything myself, i would understand if you don't, but i will be so proud of you if you know more than me, and well, really happy to share, discuss with you.

So to thanks me, she didn't show it by a nice mark (16/20) but by telling people :

" You know, studients, when you feel kindasad, and don't really want to come here, don't feel like talking, just look at Jennifer *HEH?* when you look at her, she will always smile back at you, it just makes me so happy, that it makes me want to come here. Take example"


and so i was like *omg what to do ???*

i smiled.
*ok it's ok don't panic it's kinda weird but what she said was a compliment so smile smile show her she is right*

Everyone laught


"What a nice studient ! she always talk in class (refering to the fact that i was answering their questions, even if the answer was good or not, and of course the chit-chat too xD) always care about the others ! (help them after or during or before test) i wish every studients were like you !"

knowing that it's just impossible, i would answer "no lol if everyone was like me it would be so boring XD"
by believe in myself when i said that, everytime a teacher would came to talk to me i would answer the same and they would say "and she is funny too !"
i didn't know back then, the whole meaning of school, i wanted to go there, and trade "smiles". And well, i know that is Happyness.
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