Friday, May 2, 2008

Religion ? Science ? Philosophy ? Dream ?

ChrNo : Wow lol ! i'm happy i'm not the last to post last night so i don't have to double post like in Miya's thread XD Btw i dreamt about Miya Again T____T

People say i'm so lucky to dream about her ! =D
Because they always dream about incoherent things and so crazy xD So i feel really lucky ! and always hoping she comes !

and you know what ? i realized i would always have a dream about her when i sleep not at home !
this is kinda weird lol but i don't mind at all ! Because i don't want her to be here all the time, or i would think she is STKing me XD so i would be afraid T___T

So i just wait the time she comes in me, or well, just want to see her without rushing her ! She is my angel...and my god *_*

Victor : he he he...i'm still waiting she comes in here too he he he

h2o : XD i just get online and already all that talking ?! i don't know if i should go back to read what i missed XD too lazy...God ? i think there is something somewhere but i don't know what lol but i don't care, i have Mari, and she is my Godness...

Julian : i'm with h2o, i was like "let's see if someone has answered my questions" and BAM LOL jesuschrist XD DAmn lol!! i learnt something again but not what i was expecting but oh well it's ok !

Jen : Rofl...there is a reason why others say their dreams mean nothing, but it doesn't mean yours is not as crazy lol
Religion ? i don't believe in God... i just know there are a lot of things that Science can explain better, and i found it more coherent than what is written in Bible...
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